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New feature - Thank you/Like
Thank You/Like System enables users to "Thank" or "Like" posts thus showing their appreciation for a post without necessarily having to bump the thread. This plugin is completely customizable where nearly every aspect of the plugin can be controlled from the settings page. Take a look at the screenshots or the live demo for more info on the available options and usability.

- Turn plugin on/off with a single option.
- Switch between "Thank You" or "Like" by changing one simple option.
- Thank Yous/Likes are fully ajax compatible.
- Customize Thank Yous/Likes for first post of thread only or for all posts.
- Selectable option to allow/disallow users from removing their Thank Yous/Likes
- Exclude forums where you do not want to use the Thank Yous/Likes system.
- Plugin tracks number of Thank Yous/Likes for users, posts and threads as well as a grand total.
- Shows Thank Yous/Likes in postbit as well as the user's profile.
- Counts both the Thanks/Likes given as well as the Thanks/Likes received and the number of posts received in.
- Finds all threads or posts Thanked/Liked by any particular user as well as threads or posts where a user received thanks/Likes.
- Thank Yous/Likes list can be made to collapse saving space for boards where threads/posts get alot of Thank Yous/Likes.
- Sort the Thank Yous/Likes by username or by order of Date/Time Thanked/Liked
- Show/Hide Date/Time of Thank You/Like and also set the format of the Date/Time
- Works for all modes of views, classic, modern, linear, threaded.
- Thank Yous/Likes can be recounted and rebuilt if they get out of sync for any reason.
- Format list of users who have Thanked/Liked according to their display groups or just keep it plain.

Which version do you prefer? "Thank you" or "Like" ?
"Thank you", because we don't like Facebook Smile
Yeah, that was my first thought Big Grin But "Like" is shorter. OK, changed to "Thank you" ;-)

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