Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
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AMORESY Hecate series high neck covered glossy outdoor fitness elastic running tight long sleeve T-shirt

latex leotard
Sexy Open Crotch Glossy Leather Bodysuit For Women Erotic Hot Porn Shaping Catsuit Shiny Latex Sheath Leotard Crotchless Sexi

Kids Girls Jazz Hip-Hop Dance Costumes Shiny Metallic Crop Top and Joggers Pants Set Stage Performance Dance Costumes Dancewear

18CM Super High Wedge Heel Hoof Heels Lace-up PU Leather Sexy Knee-High Ballet Boots Big Size 36-46

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WOMENGAGA Dress Elegant V Neck Sweet Spicy Ink Ancient Style Chinese Hanfu Cardigan Transparent White Thin Retro 9TI8

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100% Latex hood No Holes mask microperforated Breathing Smooth Total Rubber Enclosure Fetish Submissive cosplay Open Mouth

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Neoprene Clothing
A while ago, neoprene jackets were high fashion, but either unaffordable or wrong size for me. Neoprene kept creeping into my mind though. Today I found this:

Certainly not the only seller, but I like some of their stuff. Attention, price range is huge, from less than 25 Euros to more than 600 Euros.

My favorite (in terms of affordably favorite):

I ordered this top and got it a while ago. Length is good, arm length is just below elbows, good enough too. Neoprene is not exactly a fetish of mine, but I like the look and feel of the material and this top could be a cool item for a special occasion (party, event, concert, etc.). People might think I am crazy, but that's fine 😁
I like neoprene. It's warm, elastic, tight, it does not stick and smells like rubber 😉

Have a look at this self-made Aurora's neoprene coat:

 neoprene-coat-01.jpg     neoprene-coat-02.jpg   

Nice, eh?
If it fits you! I would make an offer for $25 and see if they take it.

I LOVE these french cut wetsuits, soooo much rubbery fun! Because it's a scuba diving suit, the arms are not meant to be raised and if you do, the french cut jacket goes tight into the crotch. I have several of these suits, they are much fun! 


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