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Magnetic lock for self-bondage
Magnetic lock for self-bondage

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Need help/ideas
Heya all. I'm home alone this weekend and was hoping to get some kinky / bdsm related play involved this weekend. Short story first, I'm in Chastity so cumming is not possible atm, also not allowed. I'm also a MtF trans if that helps 😁

I like anything that is arousing, dont mind a little pain so on and so forth. I'm going to list below what typs of toys and stuff i have at my disposal. I like bondage / selv bondage, dressing up in girly clothes OFC. imma change gender anyway so i wanna start as early as possible hihi. I aeady have a rule from my keyholder that I'm only allowed to wear a plug to bed, no clothes whatsoever. so i susually use one of my smaller plugs for that these days.
So I'm looking for what to do/wear at home, but also if u guys got any kinky ideas for when im visiting my friend tomorrow, we gonna have a taco night 😋   <3

toys and stuff:
- Buttplugs everything from small to large, some with prostate massager, vibrating, diffrent looks, etc Picture below 😉
- Dildoplug as i call it. it is long and thick like a medium+ sized dildo but the end is like a plug, so it gets thinner at a small part and there is a base that stops it from slipping all the way in.
- Dildo with ball & veins for realizm 😋
- Rope, belts, treads etc.
- Nipple clamps
- ball gag
- blindfold
- lockable Wrist & ankle cuffs
- wristcuffs with a type of neck band
- posture collar
- a few girly/slutty clothing pieces. knee high socks, a scimpy leather bikini and ofc a few girly underwear that i alrdy use on a daily basis.
- normal household items
- lots of padlocks
- (camera if anyone wants pictures)
hope someone can gimme a few tasks, idea whatever for the weekend 😋

cant seem to be able to post a picture...
My toys
well here is a link to my Tumblr... only way i found a working way to post a picture, in a way 😋
(16 Jun 2017, 17:28 )gunz Wrote: cant seem to be able to post a picture...
Why? Any errors?
(16 Jun 2017, 17:26 )gunz Wrote: 'm only allowed to wear a plug to bed, no clothes whatsoever.
WHAT? No stockings? No gloves? No hood? No swimsuits? No catsuits? No heels? NO GAG????
That shouldn't stop the thinking of ideas, after all, I don't have any latex except a gag and a few latex plugs.
(17 Jun 2017, 00:40 )Like Ra Wrote:
(16 Jun 2017, 17:26 )gunz Wrote: 'm only allowed to wear a plug to bed, no clothes whatsoever.
WHAT? No stockings? No gloves? No hood? No swimsuits? No catsuits? No heels? NO GAG????

Sry late answear hehe. And to give u an answear, no, sometimes i have to wear gag / bondage if i been missbehaving. Last time i missbehaved i had to wear a gag and women panties only for 48hours when inside

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