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Electronic selfbondage and chastity box
Electronic selfbondage and chastity box

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My latest session...
I have been interested in bondage and tease and denial for a long time.  I don’t have a true play partner to help with this, so over many years I have been practicing the art of self-bondage, with the addition of some tease elements.  Recently I had a session that was one of my best, and I would like to share it with you!  Also, if practicing self-bondage, always play safe!
I won’t go in to all the iterations that have gotten me to where I am now with self-bondage.  I have tried and improved several ways to secure myself over time.  Let me get to this particular sessions set-up.
I tie small o rings about 12 inches from the frame of the bed that will be the attachment points for my arms.  For my legs, I use strap that hooks to the end of the bed frame, but is centered as you will read my legs are actually bound together, not spread.  Those are all set up first.  Also, as a secondary release, I put several pieces of ice in a stocking and thread the open end of the stocking up through the right o ring.  This will be one attachment point…. And if the ice melts before I am released then I am free.  It is the safety release.
Now I begin to get the rest set up.  I have found a playlist of kinky sex on pornhub that I have on my laptop, which is setting so that I can see it, and control it with a wireless mouse.  I lock a key for a long padlock in to a small lockbox type of case, that you can spin the dials to set a custom lock sequence.  I spin the dials without looking at them, take a photo of the code, and then close the lock box.  This is my primary way of release.  Taking of the photo is important as you don’t want it to be blurry and I have practiced this technique also many many times.  I also tie the lock box to the rope that will be securing my wrist, so the box cannot fall off the bed.  Next I load the picture of the code to a website for key holding called emlalock.  I set up a one hour time minimum to start and upload the lock box code.  The website will now keep that code hidden until the time reaches the end.
Now I attach my tease mechanism…. Electro stimulation.  I put a pair of pads on each nipple and then one set of straps on my balls and cock.  They are independent and will have different pulses going to them.  I set up the control box on random so I don’t know the pulses.  One issue with e stim is that you tend to get use to the power, or desensitized a little over time.  To counteract this and to be a little safer with e stim play, I use a wall timer.  I set up a sequence of 20 times, ranging from 6 mins to 15 mins with small breaks in between, to turn the e stim on and off.  When off, it allows me a break, but when it turns back on I get the feeling of the sensation being new all over again.  It’s pretty tough for the first 30 seconds or so.  With the timer controlling the time, it will last for over 4 ½ hours if I were locked that long.
I add an anal plug to myself for added pressure and teasing, and now I am almost ready for the bondage.
I am lucky enough to have a very good friend who understands my play desires, and she controls the time of the lock on occasion.  On this particular occasion, she was able to help me, so I sent an access code to my emlalock session, which is also the reason why I only started with 1 hour as the initial time.  Making sure she is all set from her end, I started to lay down on the bed.
I locked leather cuffs on my wrists, made sure a key of the lock was on my left side by my wrist, and the long padlock was on my right side.  I started with my legs and use a small roll of stretch wrap.  It’s maybe 8 inches wide but is very good for this kind of thing.  I wrap several layers around my legs and they are very securely bound together.  I put the ankle rope around my ankles and pull it firm so I can not lift my legs off the bed.  I now lay down and put a ratchet style of tie across my pelvis that runs under and around the mattress, holding my pelvis down as best as possible. 
Next I lock a wide leather neck collar in place and tie it to the bed with a rope going around the mattress as well.  I can move my head a little, but can’t lift it off the bed really.
I then have a pair of ropes that have one way cinch mechanisms similar to cleats in sailing.  These you can find at any hardware store and they have a simple carabineer looking hook on the other end.  On one end of each rope is another o ring that I padlock to the leather wrist cuff, and the rope then goes down through the one way cleat and back to the area of my hands.  The left wrist is a traditional small padlock and the right wrist is a long padlock.  I need the long padlock to make sure I can get the key to the keyhole while bound.  I like having lots of slack in the arm ropes at first so I can get them locked easily, adjust the e stim once it turns on, make sure I have the mouse, my cell phone and lock box near my right hand.  I have attached the cinch clamps to the o ring near the frame of the bed (remember one has the ice release as a back up) and all I have to do is pull them tight.
Checking with my friend who is controlling the time, I am not ready.
I wait for the e stim to turn on… and once it does I adjust the power one last time….I want it just high enough to be very teasing, not painful, but I know as I get use to it I want more, so I adjust just a little high.  I push the control box out of reach, and now start to pull the arm ropes tight.  I do each arm independent.  Start with the left and pull the rope through the cleat.  Once it is relatively tight, I through the loose end off the side of the bed so I cannot reach it.  Now comes the right arm, I start pulling the loose end and my arm slow becomes tight.  Once it is pretty tight but maybe has a couple of inches of motion, I look over everything one more time, and through the loose end off the bed.  I am now securely bound and can not get out until I either get the release code from emlalock, or the ice melts.
With my mouse, I can click on my computer screen with a virtual keyboard one letter at a time.  I click my friend that I am in.  Also on my computer screen is the emlalock site.  I have the session up and I can see the countdown.  I am down to about 50 mins to go.  The e stim is doing it’s job and also I have a video going.  I am getting teased like crazy and aeady leaking pre cum!
The e stim stops, I have a couple of minute break and then it starts again…  I can hear the controller turn on and there is always about a second or two delay before it hits me.  Because I have adjusted it for once I get use to it, the initial turn on phase if tough and hits my nipples and cock hard.  I arch my back for a few seconds until I get use to it.  If you have not experienced e stim, it is somewhat like feeling silent vibrations.  Depending on the pulse sequence, it can also almost feel like stroking.  This goes on for several minutes in random sequences.  I am getting my tortured erotic feeling for sure.  I send a message to my friend letting her know I am really beginning to feel it.
I look up at the emlalock screen and see she has added an hour.  I love when she does that and I have no idea if she will decrease the time or leave it be.  Time passes on and I am getting stimulated, break, hard on and then stimulated more.  It is just enough erotic feeling that I can sometimes cum, but most times not.  It is maddening which is exactly the point.
After about 90 mins of this, I am begging her to let me go.  She knows not to let me go just from begging, but it’s part of the game.  I am truly wanting released to be able to finish as I am close but can’t get over the edge.  One issue with cumming like this is that if I cum with the e stim on, the e stim still goes through it’s cycle and I get stimulated after I cum so it is post orgasm torture!  At first I always try to keep calm and not get too close as I don’t want to go through that torture.  However, by 90 mins in I am flexing as best I can to try to compliment the feeling, and to get an orgasm going.
I tell her this, that I am trying to get close and trying to cum as I am desperate.  I have about 30 mins to go and can’t wait to be done.  She has been pretty quiet to this point, and simply says things back via on screen text like, that’s good, or I am happy for you.  However, at this point she says something very sexy, like mmmm I bet you wish I was there to help, maybe sit on your face while I watch you cum.  Something that simple while I am so close starts the process.  I can feel myself build and am getting closer, then I feel myself go over the edge of no returen, but with e stim it takes a little longer to fully orgasm, which actually is more like a ruined orgasm.  I feel it build and build, and then I cum!  The cum dribbles out and I have a hands free orgasm that is more ruined than true, and then the e stim keeps going!  I am being zapped and so sensitive.  She knows I love this, and after about 2 or 3 mins the e stim controller hits a break.  I gather my thoughts and send her a note that she made me cum just by saying what she did.  I also explained it was more like a ruined orgasm and was not a “full” orgasm.
Soon the e stim program turned back on and that initiall hit was very strong!  I arched my back again waiting for my body to get use to the feeling.  After a minute or so of that I begin to get use to it again, and I look at the screen.  She has written that since it wasn’t a full orgasm, there is probably more still left in there.  I look at the emlalock screen and she has added another hour to see if I can cum again!!!!
I write back that I don’t think I can exactly like that again, but she shows no mercy and I am in bondage for another hour being tormented.  I did not cum again from the e stim, but finally, after nearly 3 hours, I was released and then was able to cum in a more traditional way.
It was one of the best self-bondage experiences ever and wanted to share my fun!
Please be safe!!!!
Great report, thanks! And extra thanks for focussing on your experience rather than giving us detailed descriptions about your restraints and extra gear.
Great post - very informative and thought provoking. 

I'm especially interested by your E-stim set-up and how you controlled it through a mains switch - something I've looked for but not found yet. 

Loving the idea of being 'forced' to cum more than once.... EOTD!  😁


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