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My Wife Had The Last Word.
This story is true. It happened last night. Please excuse my grammar and spelling. Very tired.

Last night was the best bondage event ever. It was met to be a 30 min to an hour event. However, it took several hours. When married with a one years-old, it hard to find good quality time to have fun with self bondage. My wife of six years is very understanding. From time to time she will give time to have fun. Well last night after my wife and son went to sleep, I indulge myself in some self bondage action. I got dress in blue tights and a skin tight black mini dress. Afterwards I gather my toys and went down stairs with my toys. I separated my gear ensuring I had the following items:

Four Tie Down Straps
A Pair of Chain Cuffs and Key
50 FT of Rope
One Master Lock with Key
One Twelve Inch Chain
One Pre-made Elbow Tie Rope
One Locking Ball Gag and Key
A Blindfold
Nylon Hood
A Pair of Ear Plugs
An Inflatable Butt Plug
Nipple Clamps
Portable Ten Unit with Penis Strap

First, I place the keys in specific locations. The master lock key was in the kitchen utensil draw. The key to my chain cuffs were in the garage sitting on a high shelf. The ball gag was up stairs in my office. My objective was to get to each key in the order I mention. It’s the only way I can gain my freedom. Once the keys were place, I strapped on the penis strap for the ten unit. Next, I tied my legs up using the tie down straps. I strapped my ankle, below and above my knee and my thigh. Next a simple breast Bondage (Mune Nawa) and place the elbow tie in the back of the breast tie. Then inserted the ear plug into my ears, lock the ball gag into my mouth, attached the nipple clamps to my nipples, inserted the butt plug in my anus, place the blindfold and nylon hood on my head. Last, I sat down on the couch (creates more of a challenge standing up), insert the chain in between the front of my thigh strap out through the back. Using the chain lack, I locked my hands behind my back and locked them to the chain between my thighs. This will restrict the movement of my hand. I turned on the ten unit for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes I’ll attempt to get the keys.

What I experience in those minutes was surreal. I was completely helpless. What seem like five minutes into the session, I inflated the butt plug. That caused me to go wild. I could feel the pre cum oozing from me and my nipple became soar. For fifteen minutes, I had the perfect session. When the ten unit went off, I began my journey. For at least ten minutes I struggle to stand-up. I rocked back and forwards several time before I could stand-up.

Just as I stood-up, something pushed me back down on the couch. I struggled aimlessly to get up. But, somebody sat on my lap and slapped me several times. Before I knew my hood and blindfold was removed. It’s was my wife. Just so she wouldn’t wake our son, she wrote and note. It said, “Honey, I have notice how hard you work over the last several weeks. Because of job, I know how hard it is for you to relax. Bondage is the own relaxation you get to release stress. For this you will spend me time bound and gagged. Don’t worry about the boy, he is my responsibility for know relax.” For a brief moment, I looked at my wife. Then I finished reading the note. “I have moved your keys. It’s now your job to find them. Don’t worry you can still get to them.” Enjoy!!! I looked at my wife again and tried to talk. She replaced the blindfold and hood. A couple seconds later, I felt addition nipple clamps on my nipple. They hurt as hell. Then, I felt the clamps pulling. My wife place weights on the clamps. My wife got off my lap, turned on the ten unit to max (the pain I can’t describe), inflated the butt plug more. She preceded place the unit on my breast tie and she taped up the butt plug hole. So I could release the pressure in my ass. Once done, she kissed me good night and slapped me three more times.

I could believe this happen to me. I would have never expected my wife to do this. “Maybe she is playing. She didn’t move my keys it will take me hour to find them while blindfolded. I began standing up again from the couch. However, this time is was a lot harder. Every time I rocked forward and back the weights pulled the clamps and they got tighter. The pain was so bad; I sat still on the cough for what seem forever. The pain and pleasure form the butt plug, the unit and nipples clamps force me cum. My bound, gagged, blindfold and torture body fell asleep.

Tell you the rest later. I ‘m tired and my wife just got home.
What happened next??? Will your wife be spending more time with your sessions?
I awake abruptly. One of my cats jumped on me and hit my nipple clamps. The pain jolted my body into a chain reaction of pain and pleasure. Time was a mystery to me, and my senses, because of the earplugs and blindfold, was dull. I knew I was still in the living room of my house. I remember what my wife told me be passing out.

I needed to find the keys to my freedom. But where do I begin. Instead of standing, I took a different approached to get of the couch. Slide to the floor. I knew that because of nipple clamps I wouldn’t be able to complete my objectives. I had to get the clamps off. Taking a leap of faith, I laid on my nipple clamps. The pain was indescribable. I cried (NO SEROUSLY CRIED) for several minutes as I keep applying pressure the clamps. Slowly but sure the clamps slipped off. I laid there for a minute or two regain my surrounding.

Then I crawled back on to the couch and forced myself to stand-up. I took several hope forwards and fell. My wife tied line to me without my knowledge. What made is cool is she put pillows on the floor the brake my fall. Once I found the rope, I followed it the other end. When I got there I felt a key. It was the key to my master lock that held my hand down. “Yes!!!!!” I muffle.

With my hands still chained but able to move around I untied the rope attached to me. I then got up and hope to the kitchen. Knowing that I could not get free with the blindfold and hood on, I retrieve a kitchen knife. I used the knife to slowly cut my ankle straps and the straps below my knee. I was scared to cut myself, so didn’t cut other straps. Now I gave myself better mobility. I sat down at the kitchen table and began formulating a game plan. I needed to get the hood and blindfold off.

While thinking, an idea of using my broom came to mind. Hell it was a shot. So, I walked to the broom closet and used the dull end the broom. It took several of minutes however, it worked. Now able to see, I looked at the clock and saw daylight. It was 6:30A.M. Just then my wife coma down stairs and told me to hide in the bathroom. She was going to work and taking our son to day care. As my wife was leaving she kiss me good bye and replaced the nipple clamps and weight. Then she applied ankle cuffs on my ankles. Side note: I love my wife, but that day she was a B**ch!!!

Mad, but force to stay quiet because of my son and the gag, I waited for them to leave. I started searching the bottom level of the house for my keys. Forty-five minutes into the search, I found my ball gag’s key. What good is that going to do if I can’t reach it? I placed the key on the kitchen table. Next, I went up stairs. I search my room, the master bedroom. No keys. Then, I searched my son room. The keys to my ankle cuffs were stringed in front the open window. Not brave enough to go retrieve the key in my current condition, I passed. Just then, one of my cats brushed up against my leg. When I look at her I noticed the key to my chain cuffs.

Not wanting to spook the cat I sat down slowing next to her and rubbed her back. Then I remove her collar and unlocked my hands. I slipped out the elbow tie. Wrapped a blanket around me got the key to my ankle cuffs. Next unlocked my ball gag and drank some water. Final I removed the nipple clamps, penis strap and but plug. My body was tried and sore. The same way my wife felt when she got home.

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