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Mistress Amethyst
I found this on the Internet Archive and thought I would share the link...]Mistress Amethyst
I found it, surprisingly, just by searching on the Internet Archive. You will never know what you will find on there. The original 'Reefer Madness' is on there, for example.
What is the status of these files?
Many of the .txt files mention fees.
How come they can sit around in this archive where they can just be copied?
Indeed. 310 files.

You can even listen directly from
Because she has given them permission. Also, that is what the internet archive is for, saving as much of the web as possible before it disappears.
(19 Oct 2022, 05:17 )dustymoon1 Wrote: she has given them permission.
Are you sure? Or someone simply uploaded the files on
(19 Oct 2022, 14:00 )Like Ra Wrote:
(19 Oct 2022, 05:17 )dustymoon1 Wrote: she has given them permission.
Are you sure? Or someone simply uploaded the files on

That is my worry as well, because on her own site you have to pay for the files.
I noticed more files are showing up there, also. Not sure why, though.
Unfortunately both links no longer work

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