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Medical pantyhose
I think it's time to get out of the closet. Smile

This is me.

Pic1: Boots with 10 cm high heels, a red swimsuit, compression pantyhose, thong underware and this chastity device.

Pic2: All the above, plus a pair of black pantyhose and another pair of those medical compression pantyhose stretched over my arms and across my back.

Pic3: Close-up view of the pantyhose.

Pic4: Same. You can see how tight they are - that's all my strenght trying to open my fist. Holding a knife is very difficult, using scissors is impossible.

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Yes, support pantyhose can be very interesting. I like how they compress my fingers. But putting them on on legs can be tricky - I'm always afraid of dislocating my shoulders Big Grin
(10 Nov 2011, 04:14 )Like Ra Wrote: Yes, support pantyhose can be very interesting. I like how they compress my fingers. But putting them on on legs can be tricky - I'm always afraid of dislocating my shoulders Big Grin

Greetings there Like Ra and All.

As one who now needs to wear compression hosiery due to lack of circulation I shall attest donning them can be daunting. This necessity is a PIA (pain in the ass) though considering the alternatives (loss of lower limbs) this can be accepted and lived with. A trick I found over at SHQ when I used to hang out there has that the procedure is easier if one wears a lighter, thinner pair underneath. I've found that support "knee highs" obtained from Sewers, er, Sears serve to work well for me. I'd imagine this technique would work with thigh highs or pantyhose/tights which as has been suggested are indeed most tight and difficult to put on. The original thread had that plain flat knit stockings worked best (and due to the nature of the nylon fabric weave I could see this) and I'd say second best would be micro mesh which are still common enough. As to pantyhose/tights, I've never seen them in plain flat knit and don't to this day know if any were ever produced commercially. The first and second generation pantyhose/tights were of micro mesh weave (the first generation were offered in the late 1950's by ironically Sears I believe and were a total flop. The advent of the mini skirt and shorted hemlines brought the said garment to fruition and most sought after. Those first ones from the 60's were expensive and out of reach for the average gal and were often ill fitting especially to those with a more "mature" figure- young girls and young women did not become sensitive about this as the majority lacked the curves that come with age plus young girls and teens in particular were more wrapped up in that which holds the attentions of those of that age. Examples of pantyhose/tights from this era are hard to find at least on eBay and the like and other sites that do offer them command high prices. The garments from this time also generally had a much more prominent "panty" area to the point that the lower leg portion would show with a short skirt and all were originally with a reinforced heel and toe (RHT). These early types were also rather size specific as micro mesh weaves are somewhat stretchier than flat knits though not by much so size variance was more critical certainly compared to the later types made from Agilion, Cantrece, "crinkled" nylon and now Lycra. I'm further imaging that even the new types (even the cheapies) may work when attempting to don the heavy medical pantyhose/stockings and that is just a guess as I never tried the newer materials. However, the ones I use are indeed infused with contemporary Lycra and again, I only wear the "socks" (calf level) so I am only able to speculate that even the "newer" types underneath may make putting on the heavy types less strenuous. And, for the record, there are injuries associated with attempts to wear these heavy types so Like Ra expressing concern has truck. As with much, there apparently is an art associated with wearing these garments.

Hope this info helps any with an interest.

All the Best,


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