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Magic illusion feet stocks
Magic illusion feet stocks for assistant nylon feet... Improvised version made it in-escapable bondage stocks... the padding will be useful to ensure tightness on the ankles... your magic illusion assistant wify will love this prop... well she is in your mercy of release after the performance...

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 20210422_181438.jpg     20210422_181454.jpg     20210422_190019.jpg     20210422_190024.jpg     20210422_190035.jpg     20210422_190038.jpg     20210422_190041.jpg     20210422_190047.jpg     20210422_190055.jpg     20210422_190110.jpg   
It is an add on enhancement to part of sawing a lady in half box illusion later...  I made for my magician friend Zlwin ZC Chew for his wify assistant to help spiced up his performace... a gothic bdsm concept of damsel in distress... that she cannot curl up her legs and hide in the other half of the box but stay lock in the additional feet stocks feeling terrifying to death... then the illusion begins...

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 20210424_074129.jpg     20210424_074140.jpg     20210424_074146.jpg     20210424_074154.jpg     20210424_074201.jpg     20210424_074233.jpg     20210424_074240.jpg     20210424_074249.jpg     20210424_074312.jpg     20210424_074317.jpg   
Those are my actual feet lock in stocks and trying to take good photos with my hand while my nylon feet is locked... sigh... not so nice being lock so restricted this way....but arousing effect...

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 20210424_074353.jpg     20210424_074359.jpg     20210424_074403.jpg     20210424_074416.jpg     20210424_074449.jpg     20210424_074515.jpg     20210424_074700.jpg     20210424_074710.jpg     20210424_074722.jpg     20210424_074742.jpg     20210424_074746.jpg     20210424_074806.jpg     20210424_074813.jpg     20210424_074821.jpg     20210424_074832.jpg     20210424_074903.jpg     20210424_075025.jpg   
(24 Apr 2021, 16:42 )R-Y Wrote: my nylon feet
That's important! Having pantyhose on (all the time!) is mandatory!
(24 Apr 2021, 17:17 )Like Ra Wrote:
(24 Apr 2021, 16:42 )R-Y Wrote: my nylon feet
That's important! Having pantyhose on (all the time!) is mandatory!

Yes... I notice if without nylon on the feet... wearing the stock is meaningless... By the way I pedicure my toe and finger nails with clear color nail polish to give the elegant girly looks... most people count not tell it was my male feet in nylon and stocks... hahaa!

Let me see... I have the wood stock ankles halves foam paded for comfort from friction... I added wood guide for easy slide in and out the stocks... I added two locking latches for padlocks and foam paded it to reduce noise while moving... that is about it...

Lately I wore strappy rubber slippers for girly effect... I also wore stainless steel ankle cuffs with chain links and padlock...  super secure from any possible escape if I lost the keys... I going to try toe rings under my nylons next... but the toe rings tears my nylon when I starts walking on the floor... any suggestions?

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I just love your nylons.
And the stocks are great as well.
(25 Apr 2021, 01:05 )Tinker D Wrote: I just love your nylons.
And the stocks are great as well.

Many thanks. Those are good quality China made pantyhose brand Bonas with Anti-Hook build... I bought it via Shopee Online Store you can see my reviews there too... video and photos...

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
 20210412_113142.jpg     20210408_185142.jpg     20210408_184112.jpg     20210401_144034.jpg     20210401_143903.jpg     20210401_143754.jpg     20210401_143818.jpg     20210401_144118.jpg     20210401_144039.jpg     20210401_144225.jpg     20210329_114957.jpg     20210329_114940.jpg     20210329_115128.jpg   
(24 Apr 2021, 17:17 )Like Ra Wrote:
(24 Apr 2021, 16:42 )R-Y Wrote: my nylon feet
That's important! Having pantyhose on (all the time!) is mandatory!

I have videos but could not upload here... please advise?

Kneeling in Japanese style ankles locked in stocks... no way of escape without the key to the padlock... ☹

I am damsel in distress mode now... the key is jammed... I am doomed... the key could not turn to unlock... struggling in panic for release... OMG...  Confused

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
(25 Apr 2021, 04:59 )R-Y Wrote: I have videos but could not upload here... please advise?
If you want to upload it to your attachments I think there is a limit for the size of the video. Was it 150 MB? I can't remember.

You can divide the video in multiple parts, reduce the bitrate/resolution/quality of the video or upload it to an external site and share the link.

nice pictures btw. 😊
You can upload to Xhamster. There is no much space left on this server.

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