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MJ-SB06/2011 – A different Chair tie
I’m beginning to like chair ties more and more, this session was simple but great fun.

80den nude nylon/spandex bodysuit
Leg Avenue long sleeved body stocking
Long sleeved Black Lycra body
8 Tan 15den knee-highs
Digital timer & Massager
large butt-plug
ring gag & ‘plug’
High-heeled ankle boots
Ear plugs
SRD and ice cubes
chair & pole taped to chair back

The session:

Nothing complex in this session, but a determination to tease myself as much as was possible –and ideally without the sexual release I would desperately be craving! The one factor I should mention was the room temperature, which was close to 26c and proved to be ‘interesting’ as my day progressed.

After lubricating and inserting the plug I quickly pulled on my bodysuit. The more I wear this the more I love it; it has a wonderful fit and ‘feel’, and is tough enough (at 80den) for my SB play. The in-built sheath also works well and the open crotch design is not the problem I thought it might have been for my encasement desires. Through experience I’ve decided that simply pulling a condom over my cock and then inserting into the sheath works best, though for this session I added a knee-high over my encased cock to add a 3rd (and 4th) layer as a de-sensitising device.

My body stocking and lycra body followed, the body stocking is used to protect my bodysuit from the worst excesses of my self-bondage (rope burn, tape damage and general wear & tear), and add an additional layer – which is fun and something I personally enjoy (usually the more layers the better for my sessions). My long sleeved black body is a mixed bag; on one hand the turtle neck is perfect for when I want to encase myself fully but need to leave my hands ‘free’ until the last moment. However, it has not lasted well and the arms are becoming detached from the body and its days are numbered – I’m looking for something ‘sexy’ to replace it soon. I finished of my dressing with my high-heeled boots, for no other reason than I liked the ‘look’ they gave to my session.

Getting set on the chair. I’ve inserted my ear plugs, set up the timers and pulled a knee-high over my head. I’ve strapped a ring gag into mouth and then I’ve inserted a plastic ‘plug’ (see my DIY enema plug post) as a type of penis gag – this is comfortably long at 85mm (I’m not up to Ra’s standard of deep-throating) but thin in width (only 35mm, needs some modification). The first knee-high prevented any accidental swallowing and forced the nylon nicely onto my tongue as the subsequent layers of knee-highs forced the plastic further into my mouth. The end result was an effective ‘drool’ gag which I kind of enjoyed!
 chair - gag in.JPG     chair - knee-hig over gag.JPG   

The important ropes. Booted ankles tied to the chair legs with a wooden bar under the heel of each one; when lashed to the chair legs and the boots this is a surprisingly effective method of securing one’s feet in place. I’ve used the remaining length of the rope to bind my lower body and thighs to the chair. Movement below my waist is now impossible… nice!

Upper body tie. You can’t see it in the photo but I’m drooling around the plastic plug in my mouth and it’s being soaked up by the nylon encasing my head. This may sound ‘yucky’ to some, but at that moment I was finding it very arousing (needs another article on gags I think!). I used rope to tie my torso to the chair back and bind my head to the pole I’d fixed to the chair, this rope also acted as a very effective blindfold. The use of rope to cover my eyes (and as a gag) is something I’m doing more of recently and when done well can be very sexy.

 chair - chest rope.JPG     chair - rope blindfold.JPG   

Wrists ready for the last phase. I’ve retrieved the wrist coil from the chair (tucked safely within easy reach) looped it around my right wrist and then manoeuvred then behind the chair back into a noose loop attached to one end of the SRD. You can see the SRD and ice-cube (in its laundry bag) attached to the same wooden bar as my feet are tied to.

 chair - wrist loops ready.JPG     chair - wrist loops behind back.JPG     chair - bound in the sun.JPG   

The first vibrations. Now I’m really helpless until the ice melts and releases the SRD. Because it’s so warm I’ve added 3 cubes to the bag, but I’ve no idea how long they will take to melt and free me. Whilst I was waiting for the massager to start (same programme of on-off cycles as described in earlier sessions) the sun came out and shone down into part of the room, raising the temperature enough for my body to start to sweat under its multiple layers of encasement. As the massager cut in for its first cycle I realised, once again, that the massager head had slipped slightly as I’d tied myself up and was now tantalisingly just in the wrong place! I struggled and struggled to manoeuvre it or myself into a more ‘pleasing’ position but I’d tied myself too well. No matter how much I tried I couldn’t move more than a fraction from my chest down. Damn me and my cunning knots! I was well and truly going to have to suffer until the ice melted away. My struggles had also increased my sweating and drooling, so now I was hot, bothered, damp and very, very frustrated.

Release finally came before the massager was finishing its final cycle – so I guess I was bound for around 40mins or so.

What went well?

Another session that was both frustrating and yet very successful!
For me the combined ring and plug gag was super erotic (I really feel the need for another article on gags) and ‘made’ the session so much more enjoyable.

The massager is proving to be a real challenge to get right. The frustration was incredible and very arousing, but a part of me really wanted to cum and was disappointed that I couldn’t. What is really odd is that a few months ago I had the exact opposite problem with the massager bringing me to climax in a (too!) short time – I don’t know what has changed but I would really like to find a happy point somewhere between the two extremes… or maybe not, perhaps this is the best SB scenario after all (opinions anyone?)

What could be improved?

As always I look to add more elements to my sessions, such as additional bondage (more rope is always fun!) or something more inventive. Looking at the photo set I think a much neater finish would have been better!

I guess I still have a desire to try something really naughty like an enema, but am told these can be tricky in a seated position. So maybe I could try a chair tie with the chair in a different position (tilted backwards/forwards) or add an element of spice (those damnable nipple clamps again?) – Ideas and suggestions, as always, are very welcome.

I’m looking for a chair with a high back (higher than my head) or one that I can adapt for my perverted fun (all sorts of ideas flooding through my mind) but it must be both very cheap and robust – not found it yet, eBay and local 2nd hand shops are regularly searched. Also need to figure out how to hide it from the GF (could I find a collapsible one that can be hidden away when not in use?)

Hope you enjoyed my retelling as much as I enjoyed the session!


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