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MJ-SB05 2007
Hi to all

Another one from my archives (well, 2007 - which just seems a long time ago!)

I was inspired to post by Ra and his Blog about the PVC vaccum suit on eBay (and if I was smart enough I'd link to the blog topic... but I'm not :blush😊

Long-sleeved Opaque body stocking
Pair of control top pantyhose with gusset removed
Knee-high/pop socks
Black lycra body
Large plastic bag (1.5m wide x 2.5m long) with Breather pipe
45mm soft ball (with drilled hole to attach to breather pipe)
Ear and nose plugs
Vacuum cleaner
Digital electrical timer
Length of drilled pipe with a sock pulled over it!
Elastic band

Vacuum bag self-bondage:

Ok, first things first:

This scenario is highly risky and I know that some will feel it’s too dangerous to undertake. I agree with these people – you shouldn’t do this and I’m probably an idiot for trying it myself.☺

But then again, all self-bondage is dangerous, so is crossing the road and for the real thrill seekers out there – drive a car or smoke or drink to excess! All these things are highly dangerous and yet we do them without any concern every day.Dodgy

I do take as many precautions as I can – the plastic is very thin, I always make sure by airway is clear, the ear plugs protect my ears (duh!) and I never do this unless I’m sober and feeling well. I always do short (1min) test runs and my release should (will?) fail-safe.

So, what did I do?

Firstly I dressed in the body-stocking, encased my cock in a knee-high, pulled on the control pantyhose (passing my cock through the cut-out gusset) and finally the lycra body. You will notice I hadn’t covered my head – there is a very good reason for this – more later.

The hose of the vacuum is inserted into the bottom of the plastic bag through a very small opening and sealed in place by either a length of bicycle inner tube or tape. The vacuum end inside the bag is pushed into a sock covered drilled plastic tube (holes every 10mm – length around 70cm) – the sock is to allow air to be sucked out of the bag without the plastic sealing off the drilled holes (trust me – it works).

I had aeady inserted the breather pipe into the bag, at a point level with where my mouth will be. Tape was used to ensure an airtight seal around the pipe and bag. I now pushed the drilled ball (it’s sold as a dog toy, soft enough to bite on, but firm enough to fill your mouth nicely) onto the length of pipe inside the bag. This was to form a sort of ball gag, with my breathing possible through the pipe (large diameter!) and outside the bag.

Next was to set up the vacuum timer. The vacuum has variable power setting and I know to use one of the less powerful – it’s more than sufficient for the job and prevents a risk of the vacuum tripping out (another safety note – you need the vacuum to auto stop if it overheats). I’d aeady done a trial run so I set the timer to start in 7 minutes and run for 15 minutes (more safety here – if the power fails the vacuum stops, if the timer fails the vacuum stops).

Now I was on a countdown, so I had to focus and still take every care to be safe. I used the ear and nose plugs to stop up the appropriate openings, mostly as another safety measure – a vacuum around your ears can be uncomfortable and may cause damage, very easy to avoid, so do it! The nose plugs served two purposes, firstly to prevent any similar discomfort and secondly to increase the effectiveness of the vacuum.

I’d kept two knee-highs and an elastic band to one side, these I now took with me as I climbed (through the open top end) into the plastic bag. I’d probably still got 5 minutes, but I immediately made sure that the ball and breather pipe where securely in my mouth and that I could breathe easily. To be ultra safe I also pulled the plastic around my face tight, with the spare behind me (removing the risk of plastic wrapping over the breather tube opening).

Quickly I positioned myself within the bag, feet together with the sock covered pipe running at the back of my thighs and just touching my ass. Finally I set about sealing the open bag end. This was effected by gathering the open edges together and twisting to ensure the seal was air-tight (imagine a half full plastic shopping bag, where you hold the handles and spin it causing the neck to tighten, only in this case I was inside the bag with the twisted neck) – I used the elastic band to double secure the twisted neck.
I was in a sealed bag, with the breather tube my only opening to the world. I pulled the knee-highs onto to bare hands completing the encasement of my arms in nylon – leaving only my head uncovered. Aeady excited, I settled myself into the position I wanted to be held in, legs together and arms to my sides. All I have to do now is wait, and wait, and wait, and….

… the timer clicks on and the vacuum starts.

Because I always select a low ‘suck-setting’ the air isn’t drawn out immediately, instead the initial effect is very gradual. Inside the bag you hear very little noise (ear plugs) and often the first indication of anything happening is a cool draft across you back and chest. This continues as the plastic begins to draw tight around your feet, then lower legs, slowing getting tighter and tighter as if progresses up your body. As it pulls tight around my encased cock my hands also become trapped. The plastic grips further up my body, more quickly now as the air is almost all gone. Finally my head is abruptly shrink-wrapped as the final wisps of air are drawn out. The feeling is like wearing a very tight latex hood – but (I think) more intense. The plastic sucks into all the gaps and clamps tight across your whole body. I can hardly move my hands and simply can’t move my legs, arms, head – everything is tightly compressed.

It’s taken about 30 seconds to turn this innocent plastic bag into a strict bondage cocoon. I can only wait for the timer to release me now….

OK – not quite true… I can move my hands just enough to rip the plastic and escape (I tried it on a 1 minute test run – safety first, if I couldn’t escape I knew I can hold my breath for nearly 2 minutes) the cost of escape would be a ruined bag and no more fun until I found another – incentive enough to wait.
I try squirming and twisting to stimulate myself, but the twin encasement of nylon and plastic frustrate any real satisfaction. I breathe slowly, letting myself relax into the full body bondage. This is a different sensation to any other bondage I’ve tried. Rope is harder but doesn’t work all over, even cling film (saran wrap) doesn’t pull into the gaps between your legs, the space between your arms and your body, the area behind your ears, your eyes – everywhere that the vacuum bag does. I can almost imagine myself as one of those shrink wrapped gift packs in a supermarket; Presented on a cardboard backing, totally helpless and waiting to be cut free (now that’s giving me another idea).

After 5 minutes the combination of plastic and my body heat are causing me to sweat profusely (tip: always hydrate yourself before any self-bondage session). I really wish I could be fully encased in nylon, but I know it doesn’t work. Previously I had tried to do just this; the pantyhose hood over my head is easy to put on and the breather ball gag will work when pushed with the nylon into my mouth, but the seal between my mouth and the plastic is lost. What happens (I think) is that the nylon allows some air to leak from the breather and out into the plastic around my head – whatever the reason the effect is that I don’t get the plastic vacuum around my head.

10 minutes now and I’m lost in the zone, imagining all sorts of fantastic sexual experiences and adventures. Suddenly the faint drone of vacuum drops away, the plastic slowly, so very slowly, relaxes its grip and I am free again. Surely it can’t be 15 minutes aeady? A glance at the clock proves it is – how quickly time passes when you’re having fun.

I spend another 30 minutes trying different positions, though for shorter durations (5 minutes max). Hands folded behind my back is a ‘must do again’ – very sexy! A hogtie position also proves to be very effective (and surprisingly comfortable) – another one to try again. Kneeling also proved to be a pleasingly strict position.

I did attempt a longer session but the vacuum cleaner tripped out (failed safe) and then refused to run for more than 10 minutes, so I called it a day.

The release:
Timer on the power supply, the vacuum cleaner cut-out or a finger through the plastic bag!

What went well?
My ultimate self-bondage experience – delivering a degree of helplessness not achievable with ropes or the normal bondage materials.

What could be improved?
In earlier sessions I have managed to vacuum bag myself standing upright in high heels, this was amazingly sexy (sadly the pictures don’t show it very well), but it was very complex to set up (you need more pipes, padding under the heels, etc). I’m going to try this again when time allows.

I really want to attain the full nylon encasement, or at least more than I have to date. I think I could achieve better results with a pair of pantyhose, one leg and the waist over my head, the other leg cut off and leaving my mouth clean to seal against the plastic.

I would also like to try stronger plastic, removing my finger through the plastic easy escape option - however I need to de-risk this adventure, and find thicker clear plastic bags.

My current thinking is that I need to keep my head outside the bag (no risk of suffocation) but I’m struggling with a method to safely seal the bag around my neck (maybe two latex hoods with the bag opening trapped between them – not sure).

I also need a new vacuum cleaner for longer sessions, but one that still can trip out if it gets too hot.

I love the vacuum bags used for storing clothing, with that very neat seal. These combine the extra thickness with clear plastic and that great seal… but the release method must be different as the seal doesn’t release when the vacuum cleaner switches off!
I’m looking into a timed release that allows air into the bag by some other means but haven’t figured one out yet!

As I said right at the beginning – this method is risky and I don’t intend being a victim of my own design (let some drunk driver kill me first!) – I’m not rushing into any changes until I’ve thoroughly tested them.

Hope you enjoy

I have an idea on how to make a proper neck seal. Have a look at the seal directly [Image: 1?mpt=%5BCacheBuster%5D&adtype=1&size=1x1&ty...+neck+seal] or search through this diving stuff [Image: 1?mpt=%5BCacheBuster%5D&adtype=1&size=1x1&ty...gybesports]

What do you think?
About the safety. You can use a double (daisy-chained) timer. One for periodical turning the vacuum cleaner on in off (say 3 min on 3 min off) and the second to turn everything off in 30 min.


One two timers can be set to turn the cleaner off in 30 min. Should one of them fail, the second will break the circuit.
Hi Ra!

Thanks for your comments - I am really interested in those 'neck seals'.

I'm aeady planning a spring session (if I ever get the free ☺ time!) and should everything go to plan I will try out those seals.

Great find😁

As for the vacuum overheating some vacuums use a different air path/fan for cooling the motor. All kirby's to my knowledge (at least my heritage 2) has a motor fan and a impeller fan separate from each other. You can plug the hose indefinitely and the air from the motor fan will not get any hotter than normal.

IIRC shop vacs are the same. Either way they have only 1 speed 😋

HI Andderid

thanks for your suggestion - but, by coincidence, I have just purchased and SUCCESFULLY used a new vacuum that was a bargain buy from the local superstore:

..and days after i brought it they dropped the price by another £6!

Typical 😡

Keep a look-out for my latest adventure - I should be posting it this weekend 😁

(15 Oct 2010, 17:37 )madjack Wrote: Keep a look-out for my latest adventure - I should be posting it this weekend 😁

Idea O! Sounds promising and exciting.

BTW, looks like we swapped out activities. Now you have time and opportunity to play and I'm close to full exhaustion 😁
(15 Oct 2010, 18:44 )Like Ra Wrote: BTW, looks like we swapped out activities. Now you have time and opportunity to play and I'm close to full exhaustion 😁

Poor Ra! You have my heartfelt sympathy.

My approach to the problem was to:
A) have therapeutic rant at my boss (I seem to have got away with it!)
B) Recognise that life is far more important than work (OK I do need the money, but at what cost?)
…and finally…
C) grab every chance I have for some fun (and not just SB, but family, friends and such)
The world became a much simpler place and work much less of a monster


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