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MJ-SB01/2014 – Dressing for pleasure
One question I often ask myself is ‘Am I a cross-dresser? ‘ or is my passion for certain clothing just a ‘simple’ fetish? (Maybe this should be a topic for another thread?) Whatever the answer, I do love to wear pantyhose, high-heels and Lycra clothing when doing some self-bondage. My most recent purchase has been a Lycra dress and I was itching to try it on having purchased it some months earlier.

70den closed crotch, long sleeved nylon bodysuit with sheath
20den sheer pantyhose
30den opaque pantyhose
Lycra dress
8 knee-highs
Ball gag
High-heeled ankle boots

The session:
This wasn’t planned to be a self-bondage session at all, I just wanted to try on the ‘little black dress’ I’d purchased before Christmas (yes – that long ago!) – But typically for me, it all got a little bit out of control…

With only an hour of guaranteed ‘home alone’ time, my first idea was to simply put on the dress and see how it felt, but then I thought why not wear some tights to get a better feel for things, then I started to get aroused at the thought of what I was planning and a condom was added over my erect cock (to protect tights and dress from any accidental ‘spillage’). Condom on and I couldn’t resist adding my favourite bodysuit (it feel soooo good sliding my cock into the nylon sheath, even when covered by a condom) and then two pairs of tights over the top.

The dress came next, and it felt wonderful. It is surprisingly heavy and very elastic which means it clings tightly around my body – very clearly showing off my erection (not a problem for the women the dress was actually designed for!). I had the camera close to hand and snapped a few shots before realising that what was needed now were some high-heels – so they quickly got added to my apparel.

At this point I should say that I’d not had any sort of self-bondage or fetish play for over 7 months and this may have been a factor in my actions…

dress1 aroused.jpg thumbnail    - Aroused Blush

Feeling very sexy and aware that I only had a short window of opportunity to play I quickly decided to add some very simple self-bondage to my scene.

Gagging is a must, so a knee-high went over my head, followed by a ball (also in a knee-high) tied tightly in my mouth – I love the feel and taste of nylon forced into my mouth by a gag. Two more knee-highs followed, neatly encasing my head in nylon and ensuring the ball-gag couldn’t possibly come out.

dress2 ready.JPG thumbnail    - all dressed up and ready to play

I quickly added two knee-highs over each arm which completed my encasement before using the ever ready coil of pre-tied rope to simply, but effectively, bind my wrists behind my back.

dress3 wrists.JPG thumbnail    - ahhh, wrists bound - sooo nice Big Grin

After so long away it was good to be back in self-bondage and my arousal was increasing with every minute that passed. I just had to add something more, so I used a second rope, simply looped around the back of my neck and down between my legs to act as a cinch to the wrist rope – tightening as I tried to stand more upright (and pulling very pleasantly across my cock at the same time).

dress4 wrists plus.JPG thumbnail    - adding the second rope worked surprisingly well

dress5 wrists back.JPG thumbnail    - does my bum look big in this? Tongue

Simple, but fabulous – fetish dressing and bondage all completed in (for me) double quick time, leading to aching arousal and a desire for sexual release (which I did achieve very quickly too)

What went well?
The dress proved to be a superb investment and an excellent addition to my fetish wardrobe. The fit is better than I could have wished for and I think I made the correct choice in the ‘short sleeved’ style (I think long sleeves may have been too tight on my arms).

Quick simple bondage can be as much fun as complex long bondage – I often get so swept along in the desire for complicated, inescapable (almost) bondage that I sometimes forget that simple can work just as well.

What could be improved?
More time to play – this is always the biggest factor in my ‘how to improve’ list. I never seem to have the opportunities to play as much as I would like, which leads to frustrations and some degree of unhappiness Sad

A good self-bondage photo spot – since the latest re-arrangement of our household layout I’ve lost my favourite ‘studio’ position to take self-bondage photos in. Now it seems that every shot has some furniture, wall pictures, door or similar in it. I’d love to create a nice spot that I could use for self-bondage and photographing my session without all the hassle of moving things around or (as in these shots) having a chunk of unwanted furniture in the picture.

I hope you enjoyed my session and, as always, please play safe

Very nice outfit. I have one myself.
As for being labeled a cross dresser, I find that female clothing looks just as good on me as male clothing does. And I do love my skirts with pantyhose. But I like boots with heels than pointy shoes.

Well talk about bondage later.

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