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MJ-SB01 2007
Hi to all

Ok - my first posting anywhere of a real self-bondage session Confusedhock:

Please be gentle with me in your critique 😯ops:

Forum regulars will, I hope, recall that I was going to enjoy(?!) a weeks freedom(??) to indulge my favorite fetishes - this is my first report back.

Some readers will notice that I have included an element that I previously disliked - well I can change my mind and try new things if I want!

Others will spot that I went against some of our esteemed host's advice - I did take precautions that I felt where appropriate, but ALWAYS ALWAYS stop and think before you attempt anything

If you like the following please say so (hopefully now the scene is set the others can be a little shorter in length 😯ops: )

There are another 4 sessions I'd be happy to share with you all - inlcuding my longest SB to date!


The first session:

I had decided to set this session up in the hallway leading to the bathroom. My plan was to undertake a standing self-bondage with enema and then be forced to not only release myself from the initial bondage, but also endure a short struggle (hmm!) to the bathroom before being able to be free of the enema!

The plug was secured in place simply using the combined pull of the two pairs of control pantyhose, a long sleeved body-stocking and lycra leotard – no need for any fancy rope-work – the enema tube being fed out by the back of my neck. The tube was fastened closed by a simple clamp.
My ankle boots are a personal favourite (they have 12cm heels) and add certain ‘look’ to my sessions. I used leather ankle-cuffs to fix a 60cm spreader bar in place, with the cuffs and bar attached using two padlocks (keys aeady located some distance away in the bathroom).

Next stage was to complete my encasement (almost) in nylon. I used another pair of pantyhose (doubled up) to form a hood. Over my hood I attached my favourite head-harness and gag – pushing the nylon into my mouth (nice!). I finished off with two pairs of knee-highs as fingerless gloves, completely covering my hands and arms over the body-stocking sleeves.

I had aeady attached a strong rope over the top of a locking door that opened towards me (I couldn’t fall forward or backwards as the door couldn’t accidentally open – safety always considered), with a noose at the very top on my side. I had left enough slack in the enema tube to allow it to be clipped to the noose rope when I stood against the door.

The final stage was to use a short (about 3m) length of rope to bind my wrists in a figure of eight fashion – through the noose loop.

I probably need to explain this further.
For the figure of eight binding I tie a small overhand knot at each end on the rope – just large enough to slip over my wrist. I take one end and place my left wrist through the tied loop, then use the rope to wind round my right wrist, then left then right again in a figure of eight (will try to post photo if required) until I am left with the final loop. This is where you can be too brave! Lessons learnt the hard way prove that you SHOULD NOT try to make the rope as tight as possible and then slip the final loop over your right wrist – It is nearly impossible to remove! I always leave a little slack allowing some movement of wrists when the final loop is on.

Please trust me on this – the restriction of even this simple binding can be most effective, especially if you are adept enough to do it behind your back.

Whilst doing the figure of eight I have also been passing the rope through the noose so that it actually acts as a cinch to my wrist bonds (again – if required will try to post picture, but think similar exists in the old ‘Bondage Life’ drawings for a self-bondage tie).

Now for the moment of truth – a smart pull downwards of the wrists and the noose cinches them tightly together and hold them fixed just above my head. I test the bonds and they feel nice and secure, so I reach up and release the clamped enema pipe. Once freed the pipe falls backwards, down and away from me. The flow starts and there is no way I can easily stop it – I can’t reach the pipe, I can get higher then the enema bag, I can’t move away from the door and my spread legs are aeady beginning to tremble.

Now I can enjoy the feeling of helplessness. Twisting and turning just a little and grinding myself against the door in sexual frustration (did I mention the knee-high encasing my cock and twisted under my balls to be pulled down a second time, covering me in two layers of very tight nylon? Very sexy, but also de-sensitising in a strange way). The enema is slowly filling me up and my legs are beginning to tremble – have you ever tried to stand with legs spread in high-heels for any length of time? (And hats off to the ladies out there who can!)

Now I’m playing a game of dare with myself – how long can I hold on before attempting my escape? Too quick and I’ll feel that I’ve wasted a session, too long and I’m in trouble. I can’t see a clock, but guess that about 5 minutes have passed since I committed myself to bondage. No cramps yet, but arms are beginning to ache a little.

This is the danger (and delight) of my position – arms are heavy (fact), blood is lost along with sensation if they are held above your head for any length of time (fact), left too long and you may never be able to free yourself and incur permanent injury (fact). The heaviness of my arms is pulling them downwards and thus, the cinch noose tighter. I constantly flex and move them, partly for the joy of struggle but also to keep movement and feeling in them.

After approx 10 minutes (I did check later – the whole session lasted just over 30mins from attaching the spreader bar to final release) I know that I have to be free. The first cramps are beginning and my fingers are tingling – all sure signs pointing to a need for release.

First task is to free the cinch noose – this is quite difficult through two layers of nylon (try it!) especially when you use a high friction piece of thick cotton rope. Once I’ve the noose loose (unintended rhyme) I start the struggle with the wrist loops and figure of eight. Remember – my arms are still held above me even though the cinch is slack (any slip will re-tighten it again) and I’ve got fingerless nylon mittens on.

Eventually the coils fall free and I’m able to lower my hands again. I re-clamp the now empty enema tube close to the plug and begin a very awkward waddle to the bathroom – spreader and high-heels doing their job well – using the walls and furniture for support en-route.

Finally I reach my goal – the bathroom.

Keys and release, in every sense of the word, where mine.

Hope you all enjoyed a genuine report of my first SB session of spring.

Happy binding


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