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Looking for latex pillow cases
My latex pillow case has dissolved last year, and I'm looking for a replacement (it was also too small). However, all rubber cases are very expensive, for some reason - there shouldn't be any serious "carving" craftsmanship, theoretically, it should be just a bit more expensive than a sheet of latex.  

If anybody knows a good place where to buy them, please let me know!
Why not just make one yourself.
Get a sheet of latex and the glue/cleaners on eBay and have a crafting session.
It's not a complex pattern.
Yeah, I thought about that as well.
I've made myself a few bits before, a top and underwear... Still fairly simple.
Just practice on a few offcuts to get the technique down
A pillow case is 99% straight seams I would have thought.
I think we need a separate section for latex crafting tips and tutorials.
BTW, I wonder if buying latex in small amounts will be actually more expensive, than buying "ready to wear" pillow cases.