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Electronic selfbondage and chastity box
Electronic selfbondage and chastity box

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Looking for ideas
Hey all! Got some time coming up soon where I'll be doing some self bondage, and was thinking y'all might be able to bring some fresh ideas!
I've built up quite a collections of gear, and if you want to use something that I don't have, let me know, cause I'm always looking to keep expanding!

I like predicament bondage, pet play, and having something to do while in bondage. I dont really care for just being there tied up doin nothin but looking pretty.

1 20ft fancy black rope
2 20ft rougher (compared to bondage rope) synthetic rope
6 20 ft rope (2red, 4black)
1 25 ft rope (purple)
1 36 ft rope (purple, larger diameter, red, large diameter; low friction, for decrotave use only)
2 40ft rope, black, 1 smooth, one not
30ft chain

2 pair over door wrist cuffs
1 pair suspension cuffs
1 pair double locking handcuffs
1 pair suction cup mounted wrist cuffs
1 pair Metal leg cuffs. Lockable, removable chain, chain can be locked to cuffs with padlock
1 pair lockable metal wrist cuffs. Chain detachable, cannot unlock cuffs behind back.
Metal hand cuffs. Can unlock when cuffs are separated and can bring hands to front
2 pair lockable ankle cuffs, PU leather
1 pair lockable wrist cuffs, PU leather
1 pair wrist cuffs with 3 rings, Velcro. Made for excersize
1 Pair lockable wrist cuffs. PU leather and a foam inside layer
1 pair booties with removable spike inserts
1 pair mittens with specific magnetic locks. Can use in SB, but not while also using a gag.

1 trainer gag with ring on top. Rubber ball
1 ball gag harness, plastic breathable ball, chin strap and around the back of the head strap, no overhead strap
1 ball gag with chin strap
1 panel gag with rubbery ball, no during, but can thread rope through ring on top
1 strap ball gag, has friction buckle similar to ones on backpack straps
1 silicone bit gag
1 silicone bit harness gag with horse bridle decorations, blinders and ears
1 bitstyle ball gag
1 classic ballgag
1 muzzle gag with detachable ball gag, gag can be fitted to 4 positions, narrowing or widening the shape of the muzzle
1 deepthrought double ring gag
1 harness spider gag
1 classic ballgag, plastic wiffle
1 classic ball gag, silicone breather ball, 3 holes in front

Other Head
1 blindfold
1 collar, 3 sets of 2 rings, spaced front and sides
1 leather doggy hood with removeable snout, ears, stuffing gag, and blindfold. Kinda sensory deprivation
1 lockable collar with D ring in front. PU leather and foam inner layer
1 neoprene puppy hood. Decorative
1 pink hood. Eye openings.
1 attachable nose hook with d ring on top. Can attach to most gags
1 Qiui little devil shock collar

1 armbinder, untested in solo bondage
Knee and elbow pads

The Fun Zone:
1 vibrating tail plug, from Tailz with remote.
1 anal hook
1 vibrator holding belt, has 3 rings around. Doesn't really work as a male, but could be used for waist attachment points
Dick holder thing, straps dick to be healed against body going up front
1 vibrating butt plug. 1 mode
1 set of 3 butt plugs increasing in size
1 chastity belt, with anal opening
1 set of 2 vibrating eggs wired to controller
1 small bejeweled butt plug
1 knockoff magic wand. Wired
1 Lovense Domni 2 magic wand
1 Magic wand attachment for penis
1 Lovense Edge 2

Regular and safety scissors
Silicone lube
1 homemade ice lock
3 belt extensions: 2 half inch wide, 1 z3/4 inch wide
Duct tape
Electrical tape
Seran wrap
1 large rope wratchet with a hooks
1 very large and heavy duty rope wratchet with a hook at wratchet and clasp at other end
1 leash
1 34.5" bar with an eyebolt in the middle.
1 pair paw glove things, does not restrict hand movements, purely for play use.

2 Black miniskirt
Pink miniskirt
Pink leotart with unhookable crotch section.
White and pink upper onesie, with bow and white accents on pink pairs with V
Pink skirt with 2 white stripes at bottom
Black pencil skirt, knee length
1 thigh high pair of white socks with pink rubber paws on toe bottom. Has some depth to paw

1 8" double clasp chain. Came with cheap wrist cuffs
1 circular lock, key cannot be removed when open
1 panic snap
1 timed lock, solid shackle
2 3" diameter rings
1 pulley
2 pair large padlocks each pair keyed different, otherwise identical 2 keys each pair
1 pair medium padlock 5 keys
1 pair medium padlock 4 keys
4 luggage locks 1 key
1 pair small lock, handcuffs key 2 keys
4 lockless decoy keys
2 small padlocks keyed different, (Brass, Pink)

Dog crate
Hanging chair stand
Gymnastic bar with mat
Other mat

Coming soon
1 65ft black rope
1 pair metal wrist and ankle cuffs that lock with traditional padlock
1 gag with liquid tube for forced drinking
Fun Zone:
1 inflatable enema plug and bag
1 hollow spreading butt plug
3 sets anal beads, increasing in size
1 2m shower douche thing, can go up ass
1 pair lockable pony heelless boots
1 silicone fake breasts, C cup, no bra needed
1 fingerprint padlock
Suggestion one: Break down your gear into groups of 6 items, then pick one of each rolling dice. Repeat until you have a reasonable amount of stuff to play with.

Suggestion two: Experiment with your armbinder and report back, if you have any success.

Suggestion three: Pick a piece of rope for a body harness, one to tie off your legs and another one for the arms. Wear something comfortable with it. Have a bowl with food ready, in case you get hungry. If you are a smoker, have a burning in the kitchen sink, in case you need a smoke. Take your time gearing up and make a promise to yourself not to take anything off until you are done with your kinky day
And if you need to be busy: Put all your stuff in a pile on your bed and then sort it again.

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