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Lockink KeyPod and QIUI app review
Branching out from the general chastity thread about these Lockink Key Pod boxes so the conversation doesn't get lost.

So I bought this one:

And it arrived today. I'll try and summarise my initial thoughts on it.

As previously mentioned getting setup on the app was a bit of a faff but some perseverance and you do get there, you need an SMS confirmation code etc, and all the personal details they ask for can be skipped over easily enough (by entering any old info)

The device itself is a nice little size, about right for a small padlock key. It's hardly going to stand up to a determined attempt to break it apart to get out, the locking mechanism is a piece of plastic with a hole in it, and a tiny metal pin goes into it to lock it. It is not very secure, pretty sure I could break it open with my bare hands.

Functionality of the box/app itself is a little disappointing.

The QIUI app paired with it easily enough, and once paired you get a simple "Unlock" button. This unlocks the device for 5 seconds and then auto re-locks it. You can push the cover back on with the pin in the locked position and it seems to re-engage so its then locked again. However this does mean if you don't open it during those 5 seconds, it re-locks.

The app has a couple of timer modes that initially look promising (random timer, manual timer, couple of others I didn't explore) but they do *not* send the timer to the box itself. All they do is disable the "Unlock" button in the app until the timer runs out; if you try and press Unlock before the timer runs out it just tells you to wait. When the timer runs out, nothing happens except you can press Unlock to get your 5 seconds window to get the key out again.

So sadly, the intended purpose for me as mostly using it as a self-bondage release looks pretty limited. It's not possible to just leave the box in reach and wait for it to be open to get your freedom; you'd need your phone too and press Unlock then be mobile enough to open the thing in 5 seconds, and all that assuming you don't just trivially force it open when you get bored.

Bit of a disappointment. I can see why it's £15 now. Wonder if anyone has any suggestions for a better toy?
Thanks much for the detailed review! I'm waiting for my box to arrive (bought one here:
(18 Oct 2023, 16:01 )Like Ra Wrote: I'm waiting for my box to arrive (bought one here:
- Arrived
- Connected to QIUI
- Quickly tested
- Placed both keys to the chastity cage I'm currently wearing inside
- Randomly locked to 8 hours

Will post some photos and screenshots later. I like the idea behind QIUI app. Needs some work, though.
(24 Oct 2023, 11:08 )Like Ra Wrote: - Randomly locked to 8 hours

Do you mean you hit the 'random' option and 8hrs was the outcome or that you chose 8hrs on a random whim?

I would be incredibly nervous about a truly random figure.... it could be days!!!!

As @Zenfore said, the box is not very sturdy, and, possibly can be "twisted to death" by hands.
Also, as many reported, there is not much room inside.


This key to one of my chastity cages is too long:


But both keys from the cage I'm wearing right now JUST fit the box:


I set a test run to 2 min. If you click the "Unlock" button, it refuses to open the box:


You can see my QIUI nickname here: LR14qiui hint-hint 😉
You can click the "x" to undo the timer (e.g. in emergency), however you might have to pay for it later:


There are 4 modes how the timer can be set:





There are 8 slots. You set all 8 slots to specific times, check "It will take immediate effect after setting is done" (ha-ha!) and click "Start". I got the maximum I set the slots to - 8 hours:


Here, the Chinese government is notified, that my chastity cage is locked:


I confirmed:


And no:


You can ask the community to vote:


This is what it looks like from "the other side":

 Screenshot_20231024_151541_QIUI.jpg     Screenshot_20231024_152231_QIUI.jpg   

Or you can find a master:

 Screenshot_20231024_144242_QIUI.jpg     Screenshot_20231024_152247_QIUI.jpg   

Searching for masters and community can be filtered:


There is also an option to unlock the device at specific location:

Community feature:



 Screenshot_20231024_151519_QIUI.jpg     Screenshot_20231024_152009_QIUI.jpg   
(24 Oct 2023, 13:45 )Like Ra Wrote: There is also an option to unlock the device at specific location:

[Image: post_2_1698153387_7365a394c351123b988174..._thumb.jpg]   
This option can encourage exercises - walking, jogging, running, cycling, hiking.
(25 Oct 2023, 02:43 )Like Ra Wrote:
(24 Oct 2023, 13:45 )Like Ra Wrote: There is also an option to unlock the device at specific location:

[Image: post_2_1698153387_7365a394c351123b988174..._thumb.jpg]   
This option can encourage exercises - walking, jogging, running, cycling, hiking.

Hmm, the Sahara - so that would be running the Marathon des Sables whilst locked in chastity, maybe?

Think I'll give that a pass!  😁

The idea is intriguing, but, for me at least, too impersonal and 'cold' - but if that's what exactly what excites others...???

Hm, I do like the location based unlock. Might be useful for LD play if you can send access to a remote device
I'm thinking about using the keypod for clothes locking. What can also be interesting in combination with the location based unlocking.

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