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Lego 1966 Batcave.
To celebrate 50 years of the Adam West Batman Lego have released this huge 2,256 piece kit.

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Needless to say I particularly like this figure; something to set off a new generation of fetishists?

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Are you going to make a costume of catwoman that looks like lego ?
Like to see that.
Lego powered bondage devices. Lego bondage hotel. Fetish Barbie in a latex catsuit. Bound&gagged Ken Big Grin
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Here we go:

bondage-lego-01.jpg thumbnail    bondage-lego-02_kermit.jpg thumbnail    bondage-lego-03.jpg thumbnail    bondage-lego-04.jpg thumbnail   

Big Grin
Lego masturbator:
More catwoman versions:

lego-catwoman-01.jpg thumbnail    lego-catwoman-02.jpg thumbnail    lego-catwoman-03.jpg thumbnail   

From a different angle:

lego-catwoman-04.jpg thumbnail   

And Lego Wonder Woman:

lego-wonder-woman-01.jpg thumbnail   
(08 Mar 2016, 01:01 )Tinker D Wrote: Are you going to make a costume of catwoman that looks like lego ?
Like to see that.

 I suspect this isn't what quite you meant Wink

Lego Catwoman.jpg thumbnail   
You need to be a bit shorter.
But that looks damm good.

Is that you ?
Well, it's me on the right ...

The Lego mini-figure seems to be based more on the 1967 movie (Lee Meriwether) Catwoman than the 1966 TV series Julie Newmar version (Julie never wore her hair in the flick-up style like Lee). Both were gorgeous though. Eartha's 'Third Series' Catwoman was just pure evil, which of course lends its own attractions to a woman...  Wink

Millicent Sherman cosplaying Eartha. Spot-on. She is one lucky guy's domme...