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Leather armbinder for a good price
#1 (German) (English)

I have seen this shop a while ago and finally bought the armbinder. I didn't before, because I have a similar armbinder from oxbondage. That armbinder, however, never really worked in selfbondage, so I decided to try another one.

The buying process went smooth and a few days later, i got the parcel. I am not an expert, but the leather looks fine to me. The outside is shiny, the inside smooth, as one would expect from leather. Unlike the oxbondage armbinder, this one comes with buckled straps for more variance in length. And I think, I can take advantage of this design for selfbondage as well, as I will explain later.

The armbinder is not custom sized, but comes in various sizes (see website). So I took my measurements according to the instructions and got a nice fit*, not as tight as the oxbondage armbinder. For the first try, I simply set the straps to a length that seemed right and found, that I can enter my arms without undoing the lace. Of course, I got them out easily as well. Then I slowly tightened the straps on each try, until I just got in (and out).

Usually, such an armbinder is not suitable for selfbondage, because you cannot put it on properly. And if you could, you shouldn't be able to get out of it without severe violence, a dislocated shoulder or worse (or even your neighbours help). So it requires a few tricks.

Over the next few days, I have to find a reliable way to make the monoglove both secure and escapable. For me, that means, that I can't simply get out, but need to take some specific action (like finding a hook on the wall to pull on a string). My first principle for restraints is: When it hurts (the wrong way), it must come off immediately.

I will convert one buckle to self-engaging. I have done this before and I hope, I can find my images from that post.
Here it is:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=305]

The red thing is a strong rubber band. It will cause the pin to catch on the strap, and if there is a hole, it will go in (or be pushed sideways by the rivet). It is a bit iffy, but with experience, it will work quite reliable. I will use this to be able to tighten the strap of one arm. The other one should be tight enough when I put the glove on. The only other requirements for this to work is a string on the end of the strap, and the strap cannot go through the ring, which usualle comes after the buckle.

For the release, I have a few ideas. One is to have another string on the rubber band, so I can destroy it by pulling. Then the pin won't automatically catch, when the strap is pulled.
Another idea is to have something like a plastic card on a fixed point, that I can get in between the strap and the pin. I like this idea, because it only requires one string, or even no string, if I can reach the strap with my teeth (not tried yet). And it also means, that I have to get to that card for release. Of course, I don't know, wether this will work or not.

I will update this, once I have made some experiments.

Actually, I started this post to tell you, that you can really buy a reasonable armbinder for around 100 €. I hope, that came accross.

* nice fit means, that it is fairly long above the elbows, gets the elbows almost together and leaves enough space for the arms to reach the shoulders. Therefore, it really fits like a glove in the literal sense, and there are no nasty pressure points.

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