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Latex mermaids
By chance I found this truly amazing suit that I would buy instantly if I had the money:

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More images at
Most likely she's photoshopped into the Versailles pool, but still fun.

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I suppose these could be 'mermaids' in the widest sense, interesting anyway:

Three photos of latex mermaids (ok, one of them is actually latex shark ;-) by one of my favourite photographer Bob Carlos Clarke (RIP).

Looking for hi-rez pictures...

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Wow! I'm loving that shark outfit. I need one or few! Smile
This is what the mermaid said:

Quote:So what you thought was me doing a sexy wiggle was actually something bugging me. Lady Onna, slithering out of the pool to relieve herself, in the mermaid tail. Or it was just some excuse to get some fella all over my self bondaged latex legs huh?

[my-youtube width=425 height=344][/my-youtube]

And some more:

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[my-youtube width=425 height=344][/my-youtube]

Apparently mermaid tails are very popular nowadays:

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[my-youtube width=425 height=344][/my-youtube]
I found a very simple way of making a mermaid tail on youtube:

Get a pair of stretchy pants, a bit longer than necessary for normal wearing, probably just one or two sizes larger than your size. I am using lycra pants.
Get a monofin.
Insert both legs into one leg of the pants, while the other leg is to either side of you - not on the front or back. Pull the pants up, the leg should overlap the feet a bit
Put on a monofin, drape the overlapping leg cloth over the fin as much as possible.
Find the other leg, wrap it tightly around your hips like a sash, tuck the end into the waistline. I can wrap the leg if my test pants just enough to tuck it underneath itself and so far it stays put.
You could sew one or two hooks to the "sash-leg" and the corresponting eyelets on the waistline of the pants, to make it a bit safer, but when I tried this, I had no trouble with simple tucking.

I haven't got a monofin, so that part of the instruction is pure guesswork. Probably, you can just cover your feet and the rest will stick out.

As for the size of the pants, you have to experiment. If it is too large (not snug enough around the legs), use it in a different way - legs into one leg, torso into the other one, arms stretched out or to your sides, then straighten. I am not sure how easy it is to get the arms out when they are above the head, I can't try it because my pants are too tight. If you have the arms to your side and put a monofin on, you are a fish now, otherwise definitely a SB person Big Grin (careful, I think it is not a good idea to pull the leg down over the head, it might be pretty tight around the neck then and even though blue lips might look more fishy, they aren't desirable this way).

Well, basically, this is nothing new, just redefining a classical SB method to "mermaid tail". Except, the sash really adds to the look and feel.

Just occurred to me: Instead of using the second leg like a sash, it could be used to bind your hands. Not exactly merpeopleish, but who cares Big Grin

There is just one thing about DIY mermaid tails that bothers me: I don't think that merpeople have knees!
Another latex mermaid:

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