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Latex encasement on top of latex encasement
Was trying to find a photo of a 3-D vacuum bondage arrangement and found this beauty!

Sorry - still can't get the hang of embedding a video - over to you Ra!Blush

Anyhow - looks so sexy and, though almost impractical and very risky, stimulates thoughts of a fun self-bondage scenario

(01 Sep 2010, 20:26 )madjack Wrote: Was trying to find a photo of a 3-D vacuum bondage arrangement and found this beauty!
I've seen this vacuum cube on another site... Need to find the URL. The owner posted a couple of messages here, they make these latex vacuum devices.

(01 Sep 2010, 20:26 )madjack Wrote: Sorry - still can't get the hang of embedding a video - over to you Ra!Blush

Fixed! Wink

(01 Sep 2010, 20:26 )madjack Wrote: self-bondage scenario

Self-bondage? Hmmm .... At least this design should be more comfortable than plain latex beds.
Where do I have to sign up to have this sort of fun? Big Grin To be honest, I've yet to wear latex (yes, stone me! I DARE YOU!), but the idea of this cube seems more attractive than a vac-bed. Though, I wouldn't know.
Here you go
Speaking of multiple layers:

Amazing, that's a great channel!
Full black rubber outfit + the Rubber Finest mask with the anatomical red lips, white teeth and tongue. All rubber! Ectomorph dress worn over black rubber stockings and black rubber body with black rubber hood/mask and black rubber opera gloves.

Layers of transparent latex and layers of transparent nylon:

Red transparent latex catsuit, black pantyhose, transparent latex stockings, another layer of black pantyhose, latex skirt, latex gloves, latex jacket, fur coat, and off we go!

Latex catsuit, transparent dress, transparent hood and self-bondage mood
One of my dreams in life is to be able to try a vacbed similar to the first video.

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