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Latex chlorination
Just finished my first ever chlorination session 😉 Euphoria at first, but more hard work is needed.

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Latex Chlorination How To
I've already rechlorinated a pair of latex items, but looks like I will have to redo almost everything, despite I've spent about 4 hours last night. Yeah, gaining experience is not an easy task 😉

At least I'm not afraid of chlorinating anymore. And it works!
Between breakfast and before the sun appeared in our backyard I managed to chlorinate 4 more latex items: a gag, briefs with inflatable enema butt-plug and piss condom, a pillow case and tights. Took me a bit longer than one hour. Not bad. Next is the blue lockable leotard with long sleeves ;P
Errmmm... both briefs and pantyhose have to be rechlorinated. I wonder if more liquid or more concentration is needed. Another concern is the outer surface. Probably the polish is deeply impregnated into latex and can not be simply washed away, hence not a good chlorination result.

Moral - latex clothes have to be chlorinated as a part of a manufacturing process. Or at least immediately after purchasing and before wearing, polishing, washing, etc.
Increased the amount of liquid to 5l (5l one side, 5 new litres the other). let's see if there is an improvement. Just finished the leotard. If it's still not properly chlorinated I will increase the concentration.
Looks like 5l worked. At least on the inner side, the outer is still wet. I'm mostly concerned about the "inside", anyway.

It's raining outside. So no "chlorination in the night" 😉 My new hobby 😁
I can completely insert my arm into the sleeve without any dressing aids, so I would call a success 😉

It's interesting how different latex react differently to chlorination.

I still think that the concentration must be higher...

BTW, one bottle of chlorine bleach is empty.
Sooooo.... 2l HCl and 4l bleach are gone. I'm out of acid. But on a positive side, I think I managed to get it working. What helped is higher concentration and hot water.

5l of shower hot water
300ml of 5% chlorine bleach
150ml of 10% HCl

No turning inside out during chlorination. One side is done, then turn inside out, replace the solution chlorinate again.

The surfsuit is still wet (the biggest piece of latex garment I have tried so far). I wonder if one time one side only was enough. But I've no acid anymore anyway...
(02 Aug 2012, 23:21 )Like Ra Wrote: The surfsuit is still wet (the biggest piece of latex garment I have tried so far). I wonder if one time one side only was enough.
Yep, it was enough 😉 Looks like the thicker latex the better it chlorinates. Plus, perhaps, hot water.

The blue leotard became very pale. As if it was hanging in an open space for too long. Too dry?
If you don't get that "Yeah, baby! That is it!" feeling, chlorinate again, until the Wow! factor is achieved ;D

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