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Latex Wiki
Not sure, if this has been posted before, so here:

"The LatexWiki is a free latex fetish encyclopedia that anyone can edit, an online resource for latex fetishists, rubberists and rainwear lovers! "

There is some good information, probably also misinformation, but nice pictures as well.
It's soooooo sloooooww... Or is it only for me?

Quote:The LatexWiki was started in April 2007 and 1,197 articles have been written so far.

Does not look very promising, and alive. (Check the statistics). Minimum (sometimes no) information, also very outdated.

(04 Apr 2017, 20:42 )Strappado Wrote: but nice pictures as well
That's true Wink

OTOH, looks like it's a side project by 3xl (or a part of his site), what might explain its existence.