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Latex Rubber Gallery Link
Greetings there Folks.

Following is a latex rubber link pretty much devoted to women in catsuits and related attire. Exceptionally well done photography, both on set and with some taken outside and admittedly better than my best efforts. A plethora of images which may appeal to more than a few. I need remember not to over drool with envy. The site is German so should your German be in lack (like mine) I'll suggest you use a translation page. My fav model is Suzi-Anne of which I included a sample image. She is simply scrumptious with an incredible variety of facial expressions, great eyes, an equally great smile and that's just for starters. Take a look and determine make a determination for yourselves.

That Link:


Another fantastic link! Thanks much!
So while looking through the galaries on this site i've spotted some interesting looking restraints with obvious self bondage potential. If you click back and forth you can see how they work.
And here they are again
And again

Any body seen these around?

Edit: I have now seen these around:

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