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Latex Model Boy
I found out that “Latex Model Boy” retired from the web earlier this year. Not really sure why as there was no explaination. In any event, here is a thread to admire his outstanding career.
He could pull off creating the most sensual female form in latex. Here are just a couple of my favorites:

Gray goodness!
033F2FF8-14A1-4154-8FFA-9B30EC830551.jpeg thumbnail   

Gentle packaging.
1C85733F-FDC9-4B9E-927D-32951D5A793B.jpeg thumbnail   

I wish I could look that good... [gifs]
8A2E4A01-B791-440D-B6FF-639681AB5954.gif thumbnail    CA6DEF1A-036D-4863-8CAF-C9A208DBDC7E.gif thumbnail    457A03EE-9556-4E8D-9505-F591D0856DBA.jpeg thumbnail   

Really “silly”, but nice in a very primal kind of way... [gif]
703E49CF-DAB1-4254-BFAD-368367DD09D1.gif thumbnail   
(27 Aug 2018, 20:39 )tightslip00 Wrote: [Image: post_12887_1535395033_b34e0bea6bb076803b..._thumb.gif]   
I think I can watch it for hours ...
(27 Aug 2018, 20:56 )Like Ra Wrote:
(27 Aug 2018, 20:39 )tightslip00 Wrote: [Image: post_12887_1535395033_b34e0bea6bb076803b..._thumb.gif]   
I think I can watch it for hours ...
Big Grin
Here are some “tribute” pieces of fan-created artwork:
A2DF49E0-7AC5-4291-90D0-CE98DBA7C9DB.png thumbnail    DCF27EBC-74E2-4181-9986-E471BB1218E4.png thumbnail    8120AED2-C33C-4C6D-8197-38CF8DEADBD7.jpeg thumbnail   

He could create the best sissy-slut IMHO...
AAC3BC64-F000-4A8B-BECE-2DDD7F1C98DA.jpeg thumbnail    09B5384D-6CA0-42CA-874D-BCAB6AA62B73.jpeg thumbnail    F20BA463-4379-4D43-AF19-0AEA6B2EC892.jpeg thumbnail    A8850E89-500E-4012-A1CA-7E74E34FF35D.jpeg thumbnail   

Oh. My. Goodness...
6549185F-83D6-42A2-B3D4-43AEB7BE87EE.jpeg thumbnail   

...I better pause for now, or I’m gonna pop!
Since he’s taken down just about all of his material, I’ll post some of his greatest hits right here.

Pink Alien

16990687-4C97-4C08-BFDF-C93F25C98BD3.jpeg thumbnail    32B5356C-D7E0-4A85-BB76-705D4EBA557E.gif thumbnail    5F0A72DA-9CD9-4ECF-97D4-BEB9195878FF.gif thumbnail    6D402B4D-E59D-4A81-A57C-6120C5DC377A.gif thumbnail    CCAA0834-F663-4FB7-9BA7-0012560E486B.jpeg thumbnail    426230CB-2A64-4848-8E2C-1833808CED43.gif thumbnail   
Caged, Plugged or Tugged

[most are animated]

Ooooh!   Big Grin

This one’s my favorite!
C2460515-AD30-43B6-A18C-59DF80A7A2C1.jpeg thumbnail   

...and some others!

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
83DEB258-094C-45F7-8426-EAA57FA72BF6.gif thumbnail    E669C756-169E-41FB-B491-4E57D9E6B53F.jpeg thumbnail    C0428F56-E62C-4B21-9F83-E7DB353B1E50.gif thumbnail    157C308F-F2C9-4D31-9F87-835DA30A8C55.jpeg thumbnail    272C29C5-657F-407D-B9CD-587554AAEF14.gif thumbnail    FDAD9406-5C65-40BB-9A53-AE67F48993D2.gif thumbnail    2A3491D8-FDF1-45C2-A822-4A5327C64D2E.gif thumbnail    67A90CD3-6129-49D5-868D-899F308AEC33.gif thumbnail    3CD5337A-60DD-400F-9BCC-64E71BC9563A.gif thumbnail    BD6B3A40-CB68-4AC9-A9CD-36D2A1C7E9F3.gif thumbnail    54FC6CA8-99B6-4A62-9E05-23F057AD7010.gif thumbnail    BE3EFF3B-7567-4AB6-8573-8E086309196A.gif thumbnail    72315B42-A11E-4B65-8A44-FAA876CD7F07.gif thumbnail    E28B81B1-4F7C-4885-A9C4-8AAD34463F25.gif thumbnail    7A94FA5A-949B-4E74-B6FE-E1AE49274521.jpeg thumbnail    B90209B4-FC08-452D-821C-AD15F90057FE.gif thumbnail   
Floppy and/or Sloppy!

...mesmerizing [animated]

And so, my small collection of Latex Model Boy images has come to an end.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
FC866076-CF99-4E32-BCE1-36FDBAFC2B5D.gif thumbnail    3710916F-75E4-4D4D-9699-E4F44A8D5B1A.gif thumbnail    0B6EF82F-9759-41D4-8836-22032E6CCDAF.gif thumbnail    545232DE-5CE2-41FE-B2DD-EA5D09B0D5A3.gif thumbnail    E00768CC-9E7F-423A-9EA1-A71A83E36A0D.gif thumbnail    DCF0B7B0-BDAF-4032-A951-50D8490B9C67.gif thumbnail    8AE7E1D2-0E44-4FD6-A927-6D7412869234.gif thumbnail    A2ED4E30-FFD6-4DEB-90F7-92D121A43727.gif thumbnail   
Nice illustrations to Bambi-Bimbo files Big Grin
I think this is also Latex Model Boy [animated]
BE404134-7C74-4FED-A461-CF1D3B096927.gif thumbnail   

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