Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
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Latex Art
This thread is dedicated to latex art. Also, AI, neural-network created art.

Please post Bondage art in this thread: Fetish and bondage art, hentai

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"Steri-Nurse" latex encasement comic
Here is a latex fantasy doll

 shinyknickers_com_001.jpg     shinyknickers_com_002.jpg     shinyknickers_com_003.jpg     shinyknickers_com_004.jpg     shinyknickers_com_005.jpg     shinyknickers_com_006.jpg     shinyknickers_com_007.jpg     shinyknickers_com_008.jpg     shinyknickers_com_010.jpg     shinyknickers_com_012.jpg   
 latex-fetish-art-02.jpg     latex-fetish-art-03.jpg     latex-fetish-bondage-art-05.jpg     latex-fetish-art-06.jpg   
Does anybody remember if we had a similar thread in the past? I couldn't find it.
The only thing that I can think of was the Animi Art thread.
But nothing in the Art dept.
I don't remember one either.
OK, more latex stuff then (with a bit of bondage)

 latex-fetish-bondage-art-07.jpg     latex-fetish-art-08.jpg     latex-fetish-bondage-art-09.jpg     latex-fetish-bondage-art-10.png   
I shall have to follow this thread too
(25 Mar 2018, 23:28 )Atsta Wrote: I shall have to follow this thread too
Yes, anything to upload? 😋
 latex-fetish-art-19.jpg     latex-fetish-art-20.jpg     latex-fetish-art-21.jpg     latex-fetish-art-22-catsuit-fishnet.jpg   

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