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Laila's wrong moment
Written by, inspired by this image (see


Laila had planned her special time so very carefully. Her extended solo sessions were her hopeless attempt to quell her seemingly bottomless well of excess libido. She had just finished her elaborate self-bondage routine and was cautiously lowering herself onto the Sybian' lovely vertical attachment when she was shocked by the sound of the key turning in the apartment's door and her husband's voice. He was suppose to be back tomorrow! Oh god, he's with his friends? How could this be happening?

“Are you all right? Who did this to you?” Her husband Jim is panicked and there's a moment of jumbled confusion in the apartment. In a frenzy she works her hips upward, squirming in a vain attempt to lift up and dismount but fails, blushing madly. Perhaps there's a part of her that doesn't want to meekly run and hide. She feels a bloom of defiance, let her husband see her like this. It's who she is!

“Look at all this, you obviously you did this to yourself! How pathetic.” Her husband is furious. Is that alcohol on his breath? Don't tell me he's drunk again she worries. “Really Laila, what's come over you? How could you do this to me. I always suspected you were up to something while I was out, but, but this?” She trembles, her heart pounding wildly. They were married for almost a year, she's tried, tried so very hard to be good. She trembles, thinking again, how can this be happening?

“Iiimph..soth..soormpth!” She desperately tries to explain, attempting to work her stretched lips around the large rubber ballgag, splitting and drooling slightly.

“Okay then, if you want to make an embarrassing spectacle of yourself, I'm gonna make you do it right, and I have the whole crew here to help.”

“Oomph..pleasth...eeh..osf sorrphee..soph sorrphee!” Oh, he can't be serious! Why, oh why did she have to choose the really big ballgag for tonight? Of course she can't see through the tight blindfold, but hears her husband's business partners lowly whistle and giggling. There's both men and woman in the group she realizes as they shuffle into the room.

The flimsy negligee she so adores for her special sessions is practically see-through and reveals more than covers. Blushing she knows that all her husband's business friends can now see her nearly naked body! She's dresses very modestly when out in public.

“Well okay then Laila, have it your way then.” Her husband intones as she senses a flurry of movement in front of the Sybian. No, no she think, did he takes the controller? “We were thinking of going out for entertainment tonight, but why bother when its clear you're more than ready to provide it for free. Please everyone, make yourselves comfortable, who wants a first crack at teaching my lovely wife a lesson she'll never forget? Here's the gizmo's remote.”

Oh crap, Liala worries, he can't be serious, could he? Oh, he's so mad! Is he really offering up as some kind of freak show?

“I'd absolutely love to, give me that controller!” She hears an older woman's haughty, commanding voice as the others laugh nervously. “Why, just look at her, what a peach, so young and fit. I bet we can kept the little bitch's sweet bottom busy all night long riding on top of that thing. Let's do this, shall we?”

She realizes it's that Julia woman! Oh no, please not her! She feels a new wave of embarrassment to hear this woman talk about her like this. Just last month they were over at Julia's fancy new home for a proper dinner party, complimenting her on their extensive but awful Dean Koontz reproductions. All very civilized except for the way the woman oddly eyed her for much of the night. Laila admits she did find the blonde woman's tall statuesque beauty and grace quite alluring. Well this is certainly a different side of Julia she's hearing tonight!

She feels dizzy just considering the implications that this woman now has the Sybian's controller in her hands! What's wrong with Jim anyway?

"" She desperately attempts to vocalize around the gag pleading with them.

“Great plan as usual Julia. So this is little Laila we've heard so much about? Well, well I'll be darned, she's quite impressive Jim.” The older man's gruff booming voice has a slight southwestern twang. “After Julia I want a shot at that remote thing. No worries Jim, believe you me, I will put this little philly through her paces but good, damn good!" He chuckles loudly and it becomes a hacking cough. Her cheeks redden at the very thought of this strange man gazing at her in such a position and about to have extreme intimate control over her via the device's remote controller. She hears nervous tittering throughout the room. She inwardly groans, realizing that there's now quite a few of men and woman around her. She's absolutely dying to see who's there and curses herself for making the blindfold so tight and effective.

“No worries Hector,” her husband replies. “You'll be next. Looks like we're in for the evening so everyone will have a chance.”

“Cool, so like how long will each of our turns last?” A male with a thick New York accent asks.

“No worries Bruno, for a long you as you like buddy, it's the weekend right? Please settle in folks, my dear wife is about to put on quite a show. Scotch anyone?”

“Ooomph..cometh omth!” Laila can't believe what she's hearing! They're all going to take 'turns' using the remote on her? Oh my goodness, what else are the planning to do to me, she wonders.

She groans and shivers at the possibilities, feeling the excitement welling between her splayed thighs despite herself. She struggles hard again to dismount, but the rounded surface and attachment has become steadily more slippery and she is not successful.

“Oh come now you guys, let's not rush the poor girl.” Laila hears Julia' husky voice. “Everyone, please sit back and relax. I'm just gonna take my sweet ol' time cycling our lovely bondage gal here up and down repeatedly for the next few hours. Let's see what happens and how she reacts. I want to see just how close we can push our little slut to the edge without her going over.” Laila hears jeers of enthusiastic agreement in the crowd and swallows hard. Good god, what am I in for, she wonders.

“Oooraamph!” She yelps, rocking and bucking in surprise as device' mechanical vibrations suddenly come alive, welling up hard and pulsing outward from between her grasping thighs to reverberate deep, deep into her body. This Julia woman is certainly not shy about using the higher vibration settings and rotator knob! The fact that she's doing this in front of a group of total strangers is driving her crazy and just fuels her arousal. As she slowly, slowly relaxes to the most glorious sensations coursing through her, the device tapers down to a full stop. She twists in frustration and shamelessly whimpers, pulling hard against her bound arms and blindly looks around at the sudden loss. Then it slowly starts up again. She feels flushed and deeply embarrassed as the attachment's throbbing sensations and vibra-pad quickly ramp up her arousal again. She cannot help but wiggle and arch in response, splayed and anchored atop the wicked and wonderful perch. She moans and bites into the ballgag, realizing she's putting on quite a show and aware that they must be closing watching her ever move.

A piteous wail escapes her throat as the sensations come to a startling halt again. She hears the crowd around her snickering at her hapless distress. She groans as she hears the sound of repeated clicks of electronic shutters. Suddenly a new cycle starts up. She whines and simpers as she finds herself helplessly responding to the resonating pulses, her hips shamelessly shimmy and up and down against the device's wide saddle. Oh this Julia woman is a terrible, terrible tease with the controller she thinks. She's both horrified and excited that there's a crowd watching her that she cannot see as she's lewdly gyrates.

“Oooph..Ppeaaasph..Julth,,Pleaaph..Julissth!” Tears of frustration streak down her cheeks as the vibrations continue to build and bubble up under her splayed thighs and bottom. She knows the pause is coming at any moment, but doesn't know how on earth she can take another second of this! The repeated ramp-up and sudden stopping of the device is causing the worst kind of wicked erotic distress to arc throughout her bound body.

“Oh my poor Laila, hang in there sweetheart, it's only been a few minutes,” Julia teases. “I hope you realize we're just getting started here, I'm gonna play you like this for the next few hours. Hey Jim, she's really quite lovely and my goodness, so responsive! Perhaps I could borrow her for a few weeks or months for some extensive bondage work? I can imagine many interesting scenarios for this little kitten. My girlfriends would absolutely jump at the chance to put her through an extensive training program at their workshop. They have all kinds of advanced equipment, complex suspension rigs, full vac beds and immersion tanks. They love testing out experimental configurations on young beauties like her."

“For you Julia, I'm sure something can be arranged. From the looks of it I believe Laila would truly appreciate an experience like that. Consider it a done deal.”

“Wonderful,” Julia replies.

Laila moans and shivers as she processes their exchange. Her husband sounds so bored and casual about the arrangement, how could he! She's going to be 'lent' out for months (months!!!) to Julia's demented bondage gang? Jim wouldn't, would he? Wow, what would that be like? She's kind of horrified that Jim would do such a thing so easily, but also intrigued by the possibilities. Perhaps the experience would be fascinating and mind-blowing fun? Soon such thoughts recede as another cycle ramps up.

True to her word Julia keeps poor Laila on the the razor's edge. By carefully watching the young woman, Julia plays her relentlessly like a fine tuned instrument well into the night. For the next several hours Laila experiences a most exquisite form of extended frustration. Her sense of time warps, as she endlessly squirms in heated agony atop the device. It seems go on forever! She's well aware of the crowd around her, and is both excited and horrified that she's become an obsessive sex object for their entertainment and amusement! She hears more people shuffling in, oh how could that be she wonders? To be so incredibly, incredibly close, then but endlessly pulled back and denied the sweet release she so desperately needs is making her profoundly unhinged. She feels like she's about to explode but is infinitely denied.

Laila is in quite a state when at midnight the Sybian's controller finally passes to Hector. After much jeering encouragement from the crowd, he ramps her up and doesn't back down. She shrieks like a mad woman into the ballgag in desperate wanton need, shimmying her hips hard up and down against the saddle with incredible speed. He finally allows her to achieve an impressive shuddering peaking. She throatily gurgles as a blast of the most intense pleasure arcs throughout her body. She feels it on a cellular level, certainly the most incredible orgasm she's ever experienced. She hears camera-clicking sounds as the crowd reacts with raucous laughter and enthusiastic applause. The intensity of the release causes her to slump and fall off the wide perch. She's quickly lifted and re-mounted onto the device's saddle. Her elaborate ropework is coarsely re-tightened.

Bruno is up next, followed by many others She opens up fully to the experience, finding herself peaking multiple times by their unrelenting manipulation of the controller. She hears hushed excited conversations and senses many, many more people entering their apartment. She's again embarrassed by their surprised tittering and wicked comments as they're encouraged to come forward to for a better view and to sign up for a 'turn'. My god, how many people are around her now, she wonders. Who keeps inviting them in? She quails at the thought of her 'queue' growing ever longer. She not sure how much more she can take.

“Hey everyone, the bedroom is just too small for this,” she hears her husband say from across the room. “Let's move her into the living room.”

“Ooomph!” She huffs as she's suddenly lifted by many hands and carried unceremoniously through the door. They soon have her repositioned, and carefully lowered back on top of the Sybian's saddle in the middle of the living room.

“I'm so sorry honey, but there's been a call to make you, well, a bit more interactive.” She hears a woman's cloying, lispy voice say in front of her and then startles as long manicured fingers gently peel back her flimsily chemise, fully freeing her breasts.

"Oh these are lovely," the woman says as Laila feels nimble fingers fondle and squeeze her chest. She inhales sharply as soft wet lips caress then suckle hard on her swollen nipples, the woman's teeth softly bite, tease and pull.

“Yeeesphhh!” She warbles and twists, the sensations are making her delirious as she leans back. She's never had a woman as a lover despite fantasizing about it quite often. Perhaps she should seek one out?

“I'm so sorry sweetheart, but this a gonna pinch a bit,” she gasps as the woman attaches a pair of heavy nipples clamps causing her to buck and whimper. “Well, perhaps a lot more than a bit."

"Now, now we don't want these coming off, now do we sweetie?” The woman tightly screws down the clamps' fasteners.

Laila howls into the ballgag as the metal clips squeeze and bite down quite hard. A crazy, heady mix of discomfort and intense pleasure shoots through her body as her sensitive breasts throb madly. The clamps are then attached to a short Y-connector and lead. Apparently whomever has the controller also gets to manipulate and pull on the lead! Adding yet another dimension to her wickedly delicious torment. As the 'turns' relentlessly continue, many take great delight and sport in pulling rigorously the lead right at her most sensitive moments! She's also senses that, at times she's being worked by two different people, one on the controller and one on her nipple-attached lead!

At times her heated gyrations cause her to indignantly spill onto the floor, each time she's quickly lifted and carefully lower back onto the mount.

“Ridiculous, we need to keep her upright on eet!” She hears a woman's reprimand. She groans into the gag, it's Mrs. Sanchez from downstairs! Usually Mrs. Sanchez is a lovely woman, Laila has babysat her three kids many times, a sweet family. Damn, is the whole neighborhood here she wonders?

“Here, give me that leash, we need to pull eet and tied her off just right,” Mrs. Sanchez continues. Laila squeals, surprised as the pressure on her poor clamped nipples suddenly increases.

“Oommmh..phsasah..Mssth Sannnnchedth!” She warbles while scrambling to lean forward. She works her toes and bound thighs to lift up slightly to relieve the unceasing pressure as her poor breasts are pulled up and and forward.

“Okay, just good, right dere, tie it up tight. This will keep in her place, no?”

Liala whimpers, groaning throatily, caught in a most wicked dilemma as she gyrates desperately between the two points. To relieve the pressure on her chest she must work hard to stay slightly forward and above the Sybian's saddle. But to connect to the stimulation she so urgently craves, she has to fully press her bottom and clench her thighs tightly to the device's rounded surface, which of course greatly tightens the lead as her breasts pull out to a surprising extant, pounding madly. All the while the vertical attachment is in place, embedded within her as she lewdly bucks and bounces.

“Oooooowwrrhphhh!” She howls and presses her bottom firmly to the devices' surface in desperate need, her chest throbbing.

She hopelessly tries to reconcile being pulled so incredibly taut between the two positions. Whomever is handling the controller uses this terrible and lovely setup to their great advantage and whimsy. Stopping the vibratory stimulation between her legs, only to start again once she manages to lift up to relieve the pressure on her nipple-connected lead. Part of her is aware that this setup is terribly unfair! The crowd roars with approval as she imagines what she must look like in this bizarre setup. The floodgates of her arousal open even wider, driving her to new heights of frenzied desire.

My goodness, what's have I've become, I am indeed quite a spectacle! What could her husband be making of all this? She's can't believe it, but is aware she's changing, embracing her role as the crowd's salacious play-toy. She's really enjoying being pinched and pulled on display and under their wicked control. To her great consternation they keep the blindfold in place so she still cannot see them!

She's well aware that she's now become quite smelly, a sticky-hot oozing mess, but nobody seems to mind as they take turn after endless turn, using the controller with the endlessly pulling nipple-lead to have their way with her. Relentlessly ramping her up and down, again and again as she arches and twists between the two hopeless positions well into the early morning hours.

Much to Laila's exhausted chagrin and profound delight, her husband decides to extend the party into the next day and late evening to fully accommodate everyone who was promised their 'turn' on the controller with her. Her spirited performance was of the highest caliper and impressive throughout.


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