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Junk from Online (and offline) Shops
There are a couple of things that re-appear in many shops worldwide and look like real junk, some of them probably are indeed. So far, we have a wide collection of good stuff available for our passions. For a better view on the good gear we have, I would like to shed a light onto the real bad stuff (bad as "not good").

If you feel offended, because your fetish is "junk", then you got the right place here for new items. Wink

Fixing your hands to the neck is dangerous! But that is not the point. Actually, I have no idea about the quality of this toy, but I have seen similar ones made from very cheap stiff and stinking leather. This shop is not too bad after all, although clearly not high-end.

This is made from painfully cheap material, not even close to leather. "One size" certainly fits a few people, but never all. I think, I got this gag from another shop, the chin strap is useless, way too short.

I started this thread from memories, I think, I can come up with much better examples later on.

PS: I am not saying, that all the stuff from any shop that I have linked to or will link to in future, is junk. I had to select one shop for the link, and the fact, that these shops are in my favorite list, should indicate, that they must have at least a few good items.
Talk about JUNK... I bought a harness off Sbay and the item was different from the picture AND !!! It was made to fit a very small person.

I Squabbled and raised hell about it.

I got my money back, Seller change name, and I sent the Junk back.

So, I am sort of happy. I didn"t get my Item I wanted, But I did get my refund. And I am still looking.
If I remember, where I got my good quality harness, I will tell you. I think, it was a shop with a bad reputation, but I had no trouble with several orders.

I did have trouble when ordering a lycra leotard with hood once: It was my fault though, I wanted it tight and so I lied about my measurements. When I got it, I could barely close it, today, with a few more pounds, I can't.

Almost any low-budget item with a zipper has a bad zipper. These zippers either break on the slightest stress or get caught at invisible obstacles.
Yes, I just bought a rubber weight redusing waistband. AS-SEEN-ON-TV

Pure junk. Zipper broke after 10 Min of wearing.