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Jenn's predicament
Jenn's predicament
by ~ben63376
Edited By: Coresetted Cait

Today started like any Friday for Jenn. She didn’t work Fridays at her job so she didn’t wake until 10:30 A.M. Still in her pajamas she went out to her living room sat on her couch and turned on the news. Just as she relaxed her front door was kicked-in with a huge crash and a cloth covered her nose and mouth. After inhaling the sickly-sweet smelling chemical she passed out.

She awoke to find herself on the floor, her legs stretched taut and tingling, and she couldn't reach her eyes. As the fogginess from the chemical wore off she realized her hands were pulled behind her back, and whenever she moved her legs her arms were tensioned harder. Snapped back into reality she opened her eyes and realized she was HOGTIED!!!! She panicked, pulling and squirming on the floor but got nowhere fast. She screamed for help but found some kind of fabric in her mouth swallowed the sound. Tape across her lips sealed them closed and the cloth within. She assessed her situation after calming her thoughts, and recalled the last time she was tied-up this way back while attending high school.

Her gym teacher, Jim, “…of all the names to have,” she thought, called Jess and her back to school a week after summer break started, telling them they left things in their lockers. Upon arriving the muscled gym teacher made short work of helplessly tying the two girls and soon had them bound to basketball hoops, each holding the other up with their respective bodyweights (refer to Artist's Comments for a picture). However shortly after they were bound he received a phone call and left, saying, “I’ll be back.” They hoped he would never return and just their luck he never did. Three hours later the police rescued them. They later discovered that Jim was arrested and charged with child molestation. The evidence was discovered by a 19 year old named Benjamin who worked at computer repair and found images on Jim's computer while performing a system check. The digital photos linked him to several molestation and missing-child cases.

She snapped back to the present where a breaking news report played on the still operating TV. The report told of a string of break-ins throughout the town of Algoma, that the robber was discovered on foot and when arrested carried several thousand dollars of jewelry in his pockets: He also had a bottle of chloroform and rag which he admitted using to subdue homeowners he came across. He was apprehended by a passerby who witnessed a break-in. They featured an interview with the man stating what happened, and then asked anyone who suffered a break in to inform the police department. As the news story repeated she thought the man in the interview looked familiar. He looked like Benjamin, who previously saved Jess and her from Jim.

All there was for Jenn to do was lay hogtied and attempt to spit the object out of her mouth, which she now suspected were a pair of her panties. Her friends worked today and she had no plans until Sunday with Jess. Jenn dozed and then fell asleep hoping someone would rescue her.

Jenn awoke to someone looking down at her. “MMHHHHP!!” she cried. She must have jumped an inch off the floor. She looked up at the figure, “The ever so persistent Benjamin,” she thought to herself and smiled, “my hero!” She never before met him but recognized him from news photos and TV video.

She wondered why he just stood there, but when he spoke it became more clear. “Well, well, well, if it isn't Jennifer, in trouble again I see. Based upon that look on your face you recognize me, but you don't really know that much about me.” Jenn worried, as he made no effort to free her. He just paced around her then continued, “You see, I've and your friends. In fact I just saw Erica and have plans to see Jessica later.”


“What was that Jennifer? It sounds like you want me to UN-tie you. Are you sure that's what you want? I might make it worse for you.”

“MMMMHHP!!” Jenn shouted in to her gag with teary eyes.

Ben left and returned with a duffel bag then smiling at Jenn took out a digital SLR camera from the bag, turned it on and took several dozen pictures of her at multiple angles. He then went back to the bag, out of which he took a spreader bar with ankle cuffs on chain links. He proceeded to untie one leg from her hands and despite her struggles tightened Jenn’s ankle into one cuff and then did the same with her other ankle into the other cuff, leaving her arms pulled back and tied still.

Still in her pajamas, Jenn didn’t know what the bar between her legs was for nor did she really care at the moment. All she wanted was to be free. She didn’t know why Benjamin was doing this. He practically saved her and Jess two years ago. Even though they never met she pictured him more civil than this.

Jenn turned herself over and pushed with her legs, pushing her back against her couch. She sat there in tears as Ben watched. He went over to her and slowly removed the tape from her mouth, then pulled out the soaked pair of light pink panties. Jenn almost gagged when she saw them. That was the last thing she saw before Ben slipped a blindfold over her eyes.

Jenn asked Ben, with tears coming from under the blindfold, “Why are you doing this to me?”

“Because you need it,” he replied as he turned her around and untied her wrists. Gently holding her, he dressed her in a latex leotard with sleeves closed at the end with latches, like on a car seat-belt. He released her ankles to do so. Jenn didn’t fight him. She felt dizzy and unable to think straight.

With Jenn fully in the outfit placed over her pajamas he buckled her arms behind her back like a straight jacket and under a strap that hung down from just below her breasts. He adjusted a dial on the larger part of the buckle that sported time in hours which he set at 12. There were two slots on the receiving part with the dial, one held her other hand back and the other fit the strap from the front which came up between her legs. It went over her arms to hold them down. There was a small pocket on the inside of the strap into which Ben put a vibrator turned to low. Jenn didn’t expect this. When he suddenly pulled the strap tight it pushed the vibrator right into her private parts.

The sudden jolt woke her from her passive state but it was too late as she heard the click of the latch. She struggled and said to Ben, “Benjamin, please let me go. Please, I’ll do anything.” Tears again ran from her eyes under the blindfold.

“Jennifer, stop calling me Benjamin. You never knew me when I used that name. Call me Ben, and no I won't let you go. It's a bit too late for that now. Hold still, I have one more thing for you.”

“Stop calling me Jennifer! I hate that name!” she shouted, trying to stall whatever he was about to do. “Please untie...MMMPHHHHH MMMMMM HMHHMMMHHHH!!!!!” She felt the ball inserted into her mouth. It was smooth and she felt it pulled further into her mouth as the strap tightened at the back of her neck. She had no clue what it was. She just laid back and cried, noticing the vibrator more and more. “It…good!” she thought. So good she didn't notice what was put in her ears. When she snapped out of it she felt so horny, but the vibrator was set so low she would never get an orgasm. She was so frustrated in that moment that she almost forgot what just happened. Started back to reality she noticed the silence of all but her breathing and moans. She pulled with all her strength to no avail; she was adequately stuck and totally frustrated. She could stand and walk about but blindfolded it was difficult.

She was going crazy she thought. She knew what sensory deprivation was but she never experienced it before. It was frightening and she lost herself to the wanting of an orgasm, but the vibrator held steady; never enough for the pleasure of release.

The timer at her back now showed less than an hour left. Jenn was balling, screaming into the gag like a baby from sensory deprivation, the teasing, and her overall situation. Although she found it incredibly arousing she wanted out NOW!

The hours were difficult for her. She thought she heard things as she shuffled around the house. She didn’t know there was a timer on the straitjacket. She tried to open the front door but there was something on the door knob she couldn’t see through the blind fold. For all she knew she would be there until Sunday night when hopefully Jess would come and find her and free her. Jenn gave up hope. She lay on the living room floor sobbing, tears filled the silk blindfold, and she had no hope of release for almost two days

Jenn was asleep when the buckles clicked open. It was late; she never noticed it in her sleep. She awoke to the sunlight of Saturday morning. He pulled the blindfold off in her sleep. She quickly found she had another small problem, the sleeves formed mitts at the end and she couldn’t unzip the jacket or unbuckle the gag!! She found soon though that she over-reacted and just needed to slow down and try harder. She found her way out of the whole mess and looked around her house.

The doorway was repaired and the items stolen from her were on the counter in the kitchen. She couldn't figure why Ben just left without doing more to her, but for some reason she decided that she still liked him.

There was a note by the returned goods which read:

Dear Jennifer,

I hope you appreciate my help. You have to admit you’d have been worse off without it.

You should know that this is our little secret. If you tell you won't be so lucky the next time we meet. I have to go now, so until next time I hope you had fun. - BEN

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