Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
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I'd never heard of it... but there are hundreds of clips on youtube.

So, there was "Vogue" style, now "J-sette". In both men are trying to look like "overexaggerated" women. Both are fun though ;-)

The 'Prancing Elites of Mobile Alabama' uniform of white leotards and boots with shiny hose:

Problems with their leos riding up?

A performance that didn't end so well Sad

I have no idea what these tights are but they're very shiny...


I can't decide what the first team are wearing on their legs but it's very shiny - saran wrap/cling film?

These outfits remind me of the Hooters uniform...

I hope this uniform will make its way towards other mens sports and activities. E.g. aerobics, fitness, jogging, etc. Tongue
From the Wikipedia page on J-Sette:

Quote:J-Setting has now developed into a culture, with a distinct dress style. There are now J-Setting troupes, where groups of young gay men imitate cheerleaders with co-ordinated uniforms of sequined one- and two-piece leotards, with long flowing capes, sheer stockings and white marching boots.

Not sure what a 'two-piece leotard' is though...and they're not 'stockings' either...
(16 Aug 2013, 13:57 )culmor Wrote: two-piece leotard
I think people call all swimsuits "leotards" nowadays. A typical leotard is no more than a swimsuit with sleeves (at least we call it "a swimsuit" 20-30 years ago). Same story as "speedos' (normal swimming briefs), "xerox" (any photocopy machine), "tomtom" (any navigator - used in NL), etc.

(16 Aug 2013, 13:57 )culmor Wrote: and they're not 'stockings' either...
Just like most "tights" are actually "leggings". Remember "LeBron in tights"? BS...

Or is it country specific?