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It's been awhile, Yankee Hogtie
It's been awhile since I've played with a camera but I could not resist. I just got a shipment of my favorite panty hose, tamara, and some dolphin shorts. With a business trip scheduled it was perfect timing except I could not bring my heels/boots, but I still made the best of it.
I've uploaded and unedited full length (10mins) video at this link.

I do not recommend this session for anyone. Some will consider it dangerous, and it probably is. I've been doing this session for 30 years. It can be very painful, and this session ranked in the 7 range for pain.

Not the usual start of 3-4 pair of panty hose put on in the shower because I want to stay dry, since I don't have time to dry things afterward. I ran with 3 pair dry. This is what I call they Yankee Hogtie. I can only take about 5 minutes of it.

Start with the panty hose. First rope is just a standard crotch rope pulled up tight to the waist rope. Get everything ready to go. The scissors, other ropes, ready since the next part is dangerous. Take 2 zip ties and secure then around the upper part of each of your thighs. One around each thigh. Pull them to the first degree of uncomfortable. Something that you can take for 10 minutes or so. You can see the degree of thigh squeeze in the video. Then I put on my favorite shorts and drop to the floor since this is a hogtie. Make sure everything keeps moving, if something goes wrong you need to stop cut the zip ties and start over. Next tie a rope around both of your thighs up kinda high. Doesn't need to be to tight as the "yankee hogtie rope" will make it as tight as you can stand. Next get your ankles tied together. I've done it with crossed ankles but that add another degree of pain and not being in a perfect setting I chose to be a little safe. The last rope, the "yankee hogtie rope(YHR)". This is the last point to stop, check for scissors, razor knife all ready to go.

The YHR has a standard loop in one end and the other end has a hang man knot used to bring the wrists together and keep them tied. The length of this rope is also a consideration, The shorter the more painful. Attach to your ankles, first, then bring the hangman noose end over the back of the rope around your thighs, pull it thru your legs then back around to your back, making sure it goes underneath the rope around your thighs so that it will squeeze that thigh rope tighter as you try and get out. Next take the hangman noose end and run it through the loop that is in the rope around your chest. the YHR come out of that loop and into the stand handcuff rope that binds your hands. Cinch the hangman knot down, roll to the floor on your stomach and your Yankee hogtied and the clock is running.

And you ask why, what how??. It work like this. If you try and straighten your legs the YHR first pulls the thigh rope tight and straighten more, it pulls your arm up to the middle of your back. None of which you want to happen because you can't get the scissors with your hands like that and the pain on your thighs is to great. Bend your knees back up loosen things up so you and try and crawl around but don't use your legs too much or the HYR tightens. Get the scissors, cut the YHR and get free fast to get to the zip ties. then get the other ropes off.
We can not watch the video, because it's labelled as "private" (even if you follow the link and try to play it on pornhub).
yea, it said with would take 24 to change, I've checked just now and it seems to be working
(14 Sep 2017, 13:16 )DressBindFun Wrote: yea, it said with would take 24 to change, I've checked just now and it seems to be working

Working now
Wow! Love the scene and your bondage!!

I have tried a noose in my own self-bondage hogtie once and it was very, VERY effective - almost too effective and I really struggled to get free (which at the time was both frightening and arousing - very confusing emotions!).

Your set-up looks a little bit easier to escape from, but retains the intensity I love.

I'm also glad to see that I'm not alone in enjoying bondage around my upper thighs - I don't use zip-ties (interesting idea though) but love to cinch rope really tight (not painfully so, but as tight as I can bear it).

What brand of pantyhose are you wearing - love the colour and look  Wink

Thanks for sharing and please, if possible, I would love to see more of your adventures.

(14 Sep 2017, 14:29 )madjack Wrote: What brand of pantyhose are you wearing

Search Tamara pantyhose
Search eBay UK: Tamara pantyhose
Yep getting out can be easy or hard.  The shorter the hogtie rope is the harder it is since you can't  move your arms as much. And yes, I've had some sessions like you pointed out are scary. Pantyhose are Tamara from hotlegsusa, suntan long. Want to try something fun. See how many pairs of new Tamara you can wear at one time .These pantyhose are very strong. The most I've had on was 5 and I thought all the blood was squeezed out of my legs. Be careful with zip ties. They only go one way.

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