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I have two webs (blogs) in which I invite you:

Blog for bondage beginners, describes basic knots, loops and ties in bondage. It uses clear schemes to explain how to do it...

And My knots and ties, which is Japanese style of bondage, more close to shibari. This one is full of photo tutorials and links to tutorial videos which I did.

I see not much people know about them, but they are quite usable, and you can theoretically learn from images (or videos) even if you don't understand English.

Yet note: On the second blog, some ties are my own development based on photos of other riggers, and I try to improve them. So until this tie has no "official release" description, it may change in future.

Finally you can visit my favourites sites and articles here:
(Pearltrees tree)
I have seen my-knots aeady, quite useful stuff, good work! I especially like your information about anatomy and your bondage dummy. Even though your bondage is meant for partners, it is also helpful for advanced self-bondagers. It is always these little variations from one method to the other, which suddenly make self-bondage possible or easier.
I prepare to do 3D model and scheme for the dummy (and video of them) so anybody could make dummy. It is quite good help for training. Actually I'm cutting videos, so it could be maybe next month.
I consider making a dummy too. I wonder, how much work it would be to make joints with the natural restrictions - probably beyond my devotion. I might actually use old bicycle tubes (inflated) for the bones, pillows for bottom and torso and a bottle for the neck. I am not interested in hair bondage, so there is no need for a head.
My tips to you: Don't use too heavy material. The neck is not so important as I meant. Bottle not from glass, but plastic, can be OK. If you don't plan to do hogtie or similar, you probably don't need joins for legs. I also don't used joins for many months, because only one position my dummy keeps is the Takate Kote. So you could make for example some frame with rectangular shape and to wrap it with some material to form hands.

Joins for knees and elbow, could be made with metal rings, but there is problem that this does not limit the movement/rotation in joints. So I made them with wires. And in the case of wire, there is need for copper with correct diameter. There are also articles on my block from the time when I did the dummy.

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