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I came across a nice video on MySpace:

And a nice picture of a hogtie:

Maybe some comments or suggestion how to use these things in self-bondage. This brings me to another point: how to do bondages which require a partner :?: .

PS: keep up the good work Like Ra Smile .
Wow, thanks JBers!

Both links look very interesting. I was thinking about the hogtie you mentioned, but did not have time to try that. But I did make very similar hogties but without the harness-gag-ankles rope. It can be done alone, but there a couple of problems:

o- multiple pull-ropes.

It's very easy to confuse them, and wear yourself out trying to tighten everything up. Been there. Have photos :-)

o- the harness-gag-ankles rope will not stay in place.

This is one of those photo-only tricks. It can't be done in the real-life. Yes you can tie it exactly like on the photo, but if the bound person move his/her head, the rope will skew or remove the harness. To make the photo look nice, the model had to stay motionless.

Also, the gag is hanging loose on the photo. It's even not in her mouth. Again, to make the photo look nice. Have you ever worn a ball gag? If the strap is not pulled really tight, the ball can be easily popped out with a tongue. But if it's properly tight, no face could look pretty ;-)
Quote:Another question: How do you do a elbow-bondage in self-bondage?
There are several ways. I do have photos (oh... I have 40 gig of photos.... ), but again no time to post them.

O, the easiest way is to use elbow cuffs and rope. The rope goes through the D-rings, forms a loop (not a cinch loop, something that can be easily undone simply pulling the elbows apart) and tied to a stationary object. You move outside of the object, the rope (loop) tightens and pulls your elbows together.

That's the theory. The real scenario can be modified in hundreds ways. Including time-locks, one-way tightening devices etc.

--Like Ra
Hi Jbers

I can't say that I've tried the ties at the following link Sad )

...but Nancy does appear to be able to do the most amazing self-bondage elbow ties Big Grin

The elbow cuffs and rope/chain approach is the one I go for. It is not always the most 'strict' but the results are quite effective. And when used with any wrist tie, make one feel most helpless Big Grin Big Grin

One quick word of warning - chains have a nasty habit of jamming in elbow cuff 'D' links if either the chain is too big or the 'D' link is too small (trust me on this!). So long as you stay calm and work at it the chain will eventually come free, but be aware if you are expecting to quickly escape your bonds (possibly your partner arriving home early or an enema becoming too much :oops: )

Another approach may be to try a simple elbow tie in front of you, rather they behind your back.

These are really good and strict, using simple wraps of rope above your elbows and then cynching tight with the ends of the rope.

You can use a long rope to tie both elbow and wrists or secure your wrists in any other manner that you prefer.

Happy bondaging

Weird, the 3d post is mine not JBers...
Probably, I edited his post by mistake.
JBers, please check and let me know if I destroyed anything.
madjack Wrote:Another approach may be to try a simple elbow tie in front of you, rather they behind your back.

I would say above, not in front.

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