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Ideas/Help for Drone series
OP from the 8kun thread here, and posting here for more suggestions and input.

Quick rundown: I was inspired by a couple of drone scripts and especially this old WMM thread to try and write a couple of drone/robot scripts, maybe in a series like 乃卂爪乃丨 Sleep.
As it stands, the list of things the series would affect are:

- Perfect posture/etiquette
No slouching, swearing

- Productivity
Drones are as productive and effecient as possible

- Perfect memory, speedy learning
Probably hard to achieve, which will probably involve lots of research? This might also involve learning new skills to better serve the Drone Hive Mind or something.

- Sleep
Drones always wake up fully recharged, programming reinforces itself during sleep, maybe even dreams of being a better Drone. I'm thinking of a dedicated file to be played before sleeping and a trigger that sends them off into sleep.

- Taking orders
Takes orders from Hive, from other Drones,  any trusted person who knows about the Hive/Drone being a Drone, as long as these orders follow certain rules (eg. Cannot harm humans/other Drones, nothing that would get Drone into trouble at work/school/country, cannot compromise the Drone's connection with the Hive or the Hive itself - cannot delete files, purging mysteriously always leaves Hive files, orders to remove Hive stuff always redirects leaving the Hive intact

- Emotions/Sexuality
Drones cannot feel emotions such as love, lust, anger, passion, hatred, maybe numbing of ergonomous zones and erasal of sexuality? This will likely require a few files.

- Identity
Drones have no sense of self, no "I/me". While talking to others the Drone may use person pronouns, but it knows better. On a more drastic note,  maybe not even "it" but just "this Drone" or "this unit", and rewiring so that "I" becomes an abbreviation of "This Drone" and "you" becomes "The Drone that's currently listening/reading"? The last one may need to be shortened but I'm not sure how.

- Politics
Drones have no interest, because the Hive controls the universe anyway.

- Repairs
Maybe a file or trigger that reinforces all past programming? I'm not currently sure.

- Routines
This is the iffy part, where influencing desires may quickly spiral out of control and into some Bambi horror stories of people runing thier lives entirely. I'm not sure how to approach this.

That's it for now, the "roadmap". Before I think of TTS or producing anything I need to write the script first, and I'll probably default to HALreader or TextAloud (Balabolka has an annoying silence at first word of every sentence that can't be gotten rid of, labelled Phoetic Transcription Use under Settings)

I've currently written three scripts (albeit heavily referencing BS) for the initial induction, secondary trance trigger, and Drone etiquette. If anybody wants them I can send them here as .txt files.

Any suggestions and input would be greatly appreciated!  😁
Update: Two more scripts are done(?) but of course this is all first draft. The planned list is currently:
  1. Drone Induction - Done
  2. Programmed Acceptance -Done
  3. Drone Etiquette - Done
  4. Drone Productivity - Done
  5. Drone Intelligence
  6. Drone Obedient and Protected - Done
  7. Drone Feelings Lock
  8. Drone Identity eraser
  9. Drone Final Build
  10. Drone Activation
And one more file before bed called Drone Charged.
I do have to say, reading through multiple BS scripts over and over for use as reference may not be the best thing for me, but it's the strongest series out there, so go figure.

Attached Files
01 Drone Induction.txt (Size: 12.87 KB )
02 Programmed Acceptance.txt (Size: 13.3 KB )
03 Drone Etiquette.txt (Size: 8.14 KB )
04 Drone Productivity.txt (Size: 14.13 KB )
06 Drone Obedient and Protected.txt (Size: 19.84 KB )
I definitely see some positive things here, like "perfect memory, speedy learning, productivity, perfect posture/etiquette".
(16 May 2022, 13:08 )Like Ra Wrote: I definitely see some positive things here, like "perfect memory, speedy learning, productivity, perfect posture/etiquette".

i would love to test these files out
shitpost incoming.

Does it include a few files on fixing weird dependencies and conflicting software?
Drone.brain compilation error. Brain is out of date, please update to latest version.
Segmentation fault. Core dumped.
Brain.exe has run out of memory. Forgot to implement garbage collection?
Drone.brain out-of-bounds. Array "tasks" length 47, index 48 is unavailable.
Drone.brain runtime error. Class dostuff is in an endless loop.
Drone.brain logic error. Cannot divide by 0
Null pointer exception Double arraylist[ ][ ] Emotions cannot be found
Cannot divide "2" by 2 (string got into the integer array)

On a less shitposty note I have always wondered how much can you take out before we stop being human. 

You can be blind and mute but if you can hear you can still live an OK enough life. Yet if you can't hear, see or otherwise gather information at some point we lose the ability to understand what is going on in the world and thus cease being a functional human. 

A girl called Olivia had chromosome 6 deletion which caused her to be unable to feel pain, hunger or the need to sleep, other then occasional violence or self harm problems due to her lack of understanding and needing help to stay alive she is otherwise a fairly normal person. 

Psychotic and schizophrenic people can be/are detached from reality and despite their unreasonable or nonsensical logic are still people, meaning that any kind of logical consistency is not needed to be human but is still needed to be functional. 

The most damning tidbit of evidence was when scientists hooked up electrodes to the brains reward centers. The "brain stimulation reward" experiments were wildly unethical even for the time and were discontinued after the woman in the experiment did nothing other then press the button and ignored everything else. This makes me believe that we are designed to chase feeding this reward center, which we label as happiness. In normal times our happiness has a baseline, meaning that while we have temporary ups and downs it is impossible to naturally achieve a permanent high. Leaving us craving always more and making us chase bigger wins in everything we do. Such is the exploit that Buddhists use, if you have no attachments you can't lose anything and thus It becomes more difficult to be unhappy.

Add to that bad boy a petabyte of memory, a meat suit that provides data input and an extremely powerful adaptive computer that we call a prefrontal cortex and you got yourself a system that will try to sate the reward center. The lower regions of the brain take care of a lot of things we don't want to waste time thinking of, handling all the problems unless it signals the cortex, pain for discouraging, hunger for eating, lust for reproduction and sleepiness for sleep. Emotions are either expressions of the reward center or the result of being a social animal.

Boiling it down you can take a metric ton out of people without compromising their humanity.

This makes turning a human into a bot a great annoyance. Since you won't be picking a fight with the moldable prefrontal cortex like your average hypnosis (see the consensual nature of most hypnosis, you won't do what you don't want to do) but rather trying it attack the far more primal and unyielding sectors of the brain. This means you have to suppress higher level thoughts while also building strong Pavlovian habits.

If I had to go about it in a real and serious fashion to myself I would start by making it difficult to have or concentrate on independent thought. Start by gagging yourself and then muffling your ears while using bone conduction headphones to create an overwhelming sound without damaging your ear (factcheck me if wrong), making it harder to concentrate.

The second is to have your brain overwhelmed by the only easy to get positive emotion, horniness of course. Use a chastity cage to prevent orgasm but use a urethral tube and anal plug for stimulation, make sure to keep somewhat but not aggressively horny to reduce the chances of accidental orgasm or distractions. This serves as a great distraction for the conscious mind as well as serving as a decent motivator and source of excitement.

A tactic preyed on even by the government is Stockholm syndrome, have yourself be denied and have every luxury or improvement you get be in the hands of others or a system. Only by complying do you get the relief, it has to be temporary and something that doesn't rely on your consent to be put back. Pain or discomfort is best tactic in this case, something like stopping a vibrator on a loose urethral tube which in my experience can be fairly uncomfortable or temporarily stopping a pair of painful nipple clamps from being tugged. Whatever works but it has to be strict, no loopholes or exceptions as they will compromise the system.

Similarly falling out of line results in immediate strong punishment, this is basically just reverse Pavlov. If keeping your back straight is important just make it so that if your back is hunched it tugs very painfully on your nipple clamps, immediate punishment directly linked to your actions. Make it so that you have no choice but to end your action, but you have to be able to end it by your actions, keyword MUST, if you cannot end the discomfort by stopping the task you become forced to endure it, making the threat weaker and promoting learned helplessness if you have no control at all. This will also destroy any kind of proper habit building.

The most important part is to remember that at the end you still have to be at least somewhat consenting, you might not love every step but you have to like it enough to be willing to come back as eventually the session will end. Being praised for your added productivity or a good orgasm for doing a good job are great ways to positively reinforce the experience and make you willing to come back. Also getting back into the system should be as pleasurable as possible, reward yourself with intense orgasms that only occur once you are locked into the training setup.

If it goes as planned you should have a setup designed to condition you brain, reward for following orders and compliance and pain for disobeying. While in training the best would probably be to push you slightly beyond your limits, do something you would normally not be willing to do but do it due to the lack of choice and be rewarded for doing it, all the while if you violate your rules on posture or others you are punished severely. You can try to suppress your rational mind by using noise and sexual and making it so that being smart doesn't solve the problem or allow for escape.
any updates on this project or similar projects in the community?
This looks awesome, really promising. Would love to try them out one day.

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