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I have no idea what is going on here,
But I love it.

[my-youtube width=425 height=344][/my-youtube]

This appears to be one in a series of 10 short videos that this guy has posted on his youtube channel. Cute girls, lots of pervy, fetishy closeups. Unfortunately it's in Japanese, but I imagine the commentary is hilarious.

As near as I can figure, 5 cute young girls are on a spaceship flying around the galaxy wearing pantyhose and one-piece swimsuits. The suits appear to give them magical or superpowers of some kind, specifically from either the breasts or from the 'V' made by the front of the swimsuit. I've watched each episode several times...definitely pervy, definitely sexy, definitely hilarious.
;:| odd, but cute
That would look much funnier if they were guys Wink Nice find!
And here they are wearing blue shiny swimsuits: