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Hypnosis streaming or podcasting - synchronized listening
[Image: LR144-pink2.png]
Here's the idea. We can put the egregore theory to test by using collective synchronized listening sessions to particular files (while, for example, concentrating on the image on the right) and compare the results. Ideally, it should be organized as a streaming/podcasting session.

What do you think?
What platforms can be used for streaming for free? Youtube?
Discord voice chat would be an option too.
(02 Nov 2023, 23:43 )subdream Wrote: voice chat
Not sure if chat is an option. It should be a timed one-way communication.
Voice chat can be configured as a stage channel. Thus only certain people can actually speak, all others can only listen.
Aha, can you play a file to such a chat? Should be possible, right?
(02 Nov 2023, 23:51 )Like Ra Wrote: Aha, can you play a file to such a chat? Should be possible, right?

There are definitely ways to do that, I don't know them though. But the Neural Nets server does it all the time
(02 Nov 2023, 23:51 )Like Ra Wrote: Aha, can you play a file to such a chat? Should be possible, right?
You'll probably need a discord bot to do it for you.
Are there any other variants? Besides Discord?
A platform like Youtube or Twitch, while usable, wouldn't be ideal due to latency and different people being out of sync with each other because of connection strength to the platform's servers, irrespective of user-end stability. Discord is the only platform I am personally experienced with that should not have this issue.

Contributors: Like Ra (5) , Lycalopex (1) , spiraltone42 (1) , subdream (3)