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Hypnosis for women
I have a partner who has expressed interest in trying out erotic hypnosis. As exciting as this is, there seems to be not much content at all that is actually directed at straight women. The stuff that I have found is very on the nose "your boyfriend is your master" stuff that I do not think will be particularly appealing. Pretty much the only files I know of that would work are the Bambi series and those would be a pretty big jump to start out with.

Does anyone know of quality hypnosis, preferably with a female narrator / quality TTS, that are good for a female beginner?
Unfortunately, and speaking from experience, erotic hypnosis for straight women tends to be hard to find in good quality, and those that exist tend to be very direct "the hypnotist is your master" type stuff.

You might look into ViVe and EMG, who both make files for both genders and some gender-neutral, but they're also both men who use their own voice for their files and that might be a dealbreaker for some people.

There are some tists that focus on MtF trans or sissies, but aren't strictly irrelevant to cis women, like TomTame.

There's Bambi, of course, but you're right in that it's a big jump.

There's Neural Nets And Pretty Patterns, who uses female voices and has a huge variety of files, but they're more material to get off to than actual hypnosis.

And then of course you have another big leap like Mr Daniel, but his files focused on enslaving the listener to himself, and given he vanished a decade ago...
(17 Mar 2023, 23:12 )Lycalopex Wrote: There's Neural Nets And Pretty Patterns
Much worse (in all senses), than Bambi, in my opinion 😬
(17 Mar 2023, 23:55 )Like Ra Wrote:
(17 Mar 2023, 23:12 )Lycalopex Wrote: There's Neural Nets And Pretty Patterns
Much worse (in all senses), than Bambi, in my opinion 😬

I'm going to feel like an ass, but I'll try and keep it to a minimum. I was/ am on a few hypnosis discord chats. In one of them, someone told me about some of the really fucked up shit that was happening around NNPP. Consent violations, gaslighting (not in a consensual way), cult behavior, and all sorts of unethical behavior. At least with Bambi, everything is relatively known about what the effects are and the dangers related to it. Now the last I heard is that the original creator, I forget his name now, is out of the NNPP discord and basically marked. I'm not 100% and I know most of this is more or less gossip-level information but it was something I wasn't privy to until 3-4 weeks ago? There was a lot of effort that went into covering up the shenanigans around NNPP. So... The ultimate point is that you need to research and be sure of what you're going to trust before you just cast caution to the wind and go with it. If someone knows more or if I have some of it wrong, please feel free to call it out, I don't want to appear as an authority because I am not, just a kinkster looking out for others if I can.
I know that there's general weirdness going on with NNPP because I'm fairly certain that the whole drama in the Bambi Sleep community started with NNPP stuff, but this is one case where I don't know enough to give an opinion. I will stand by my statement that NNPP's files are more just masturbation material than actual hypnosis, and the risk feels much lower in terms of anything actually happening, but yes it's always a good idea to go into a new tist or even a new file without trancing first so you can see what's up.
I return to this thread with results - a wolf does hunt on it's paws after all.

After some searching it would appear that Shibby, who appears to have a fairly large archive of content that is both free and of fairly high quality in terms of recording, is the answer. The majority of files of hers that I have found have multiple recordings for male / female variants and the general tone is more in line with what I had searched for. ESuccubus has a similarly large catalog of free material that has male / female variants and gender neutral files that cover general hypnosis. These two would appear to be the best matches for what I had set out for - they hardly won by default but the competition was not particularly strong.

In consideration for my partner (and having sampled a fair amount of material available on WMM and other sources) I have to consider the general quality of hypnosis available for biological women to be very low. Perhaps someone enjoys it but I do not imagine most women would enjoy generally repetitive "you are a slave, you want to serve me" material without much sexual stimulation any more than I would. Additionally we have agreed that male narrated hypnosis is simply not particularly desirable even to someone who is not attracted to women. Perhaps men lack the subtlety to evoke a sense of control without it being obvious they are sitting there with an erection? Or is there just an air of desperation that seems to come from those files, where it is impossible to imagine the narrator as being particularly powerful because they are ultimately just some guy recording a file at his computer trying to get laid?

Who knows.

The following files I have given a once over and found to be of useful quality. If people want I can go back to re-edit this post to directly link to these files but the sources for them are and Downloading files directly from esuccubus involves a minor amount of wizardry by right clicking, selecting page source and then finding the link (around line 70-73) directly to the media source. This can be quickly found with a simple ctrl + f / ".mp4" search. Files are marked (S) or (E) for Shibby or ESuccubus, respectively. Ones of particularly erotic quality are marked with *

(E)Brain Drain series 1-5, along with the separate induction file and Drained
(E)Night Night 2020
(E)Pussy Overwhelmed*
(S) Clench for Me Good Girl
(S) Squirming Mess*
(E) Bimboitzation Masturbation*
(E) Blank Puppet Masturbation*
(E) Little Corruptions
(S) Triggered Into Pleasure
(19 Mar 2023, 20:58 )christof Wrote: it would appear that Shibby ... is the answer.
After listening of a dozen of her files, I would say, that it's more of a fantasy genre, not hypno.
(19 Mar 2023, 21:29 )Like Ra Wrote:
(19 Mar 2023, 20:58 )christof Wrote: it would appear that Shibby ... is the answer.
After listening of a dozen of her files, I would say, that it's more of a fantasy genre, not hypno.

A fair enough assessment. I would consider the majority of hypnosis content made to be more or less a masturbatory aid, with the benefit of provided a guided experience and easing one into turpitudes that would otherwise be unacceptable. I am perhaps a surface level enjoyer of these things? I could accept that. I am simply catering to the tastes of a partner who is unlikely to enjoy legitimate hypnotherapy without the initial appeal of overtly erotic themes.

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