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"Hot And Spicy Chain" Scenario
Sorry for take so long posting here this scenario.

Hello again.

This is a scenario that can be only performed for ladies:

We need to have a corridor with a door on each side like this:
[Image: corridor.jpg]

We will tie with zipties a chain from one door's handle to the another.
[Image: doorhandler.jpg] [Image: doorhandle2.jpg]

We also are going to need a radiator that will heat the chain:
[Image: chainhot.jpg]

So when we have all setup it will look like this:
[Image: hotorspicychain.jpg]

and like this:
[Image: frontalzn.jpg]

A is the chain that goes from one door's handle to the other (and passes through your crotch :twisted: )

B are clothespins clamping your nipples and tied to the front door, so pulling them you can free your nipples (but, as you'll have your feet tied you'll make very shorty steps and pulling the clothespins is going to hurt). It can be even more painful having more than one clothespin on each nipple and differents ropes lenghs.

C is a radiator or a heater that will heat the chain, making you feel very unconfortable as the chain gains temperature. It has to be conected to the power switch with a timer that will stop it when you've programed to stop.

D Is the first of the releases methods. It has to be faster than E

E The second release method. If you choose to leave the starter position due to the nippleclamps or the heat of the chain you can always get free (but waiting a bit longer)

F and G are the nastier creams that you can handle in your crotch. Spicy sauce, cold creams (the ones to reduce fat), etc... if you want to stop the pain in your nipple or you can't handle the heat of the chain you'll have to pass through. (please, make sure that the substaneces that you're going to use ca be heated a little without problems

I is a little chain or rope that will make sure that the big chain is always touching your crotch even if the big chain is not tigh enough. (little chains slides better than the big ones, as usual make your tests).

and J is a little block of ice that will not let you step back until the chain heated it a little and it melts.

It can also be played without a corridor, just with a door and another point to tie the end of the chain (it has not to be tighted: I will make the work.
And of course you can change the heater for more clothespins.

I hope you like it!

Greets from Barcelona
be sure to puncture the bottom of the ice bags otherwise there will be water staying in the bag once the ice melts, it will be likely to out weigh your key, you may also want to use a rock or somthing to make it heavy,if the key falls to far it will not mater as long as you can reach the string an pull it up

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