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Home Alone 2018 – pre-session preparation and new purchases
Whilst not an actual session I thought you folks might be amused by all the pre-work that went into my recent ‘Home Alone’ session.

Assembling my gear: well I know it sounds obvious, but I needed to get all of the tights, stockings, bodysuits, knee-highs, rope, chains, cuffs, dildos, plugs, gags, hoods, lube, chains, padlocks, clamps, clips, shoes, dresses, pants, bras, silicon breasts, boots, ratchets, timers, vibrators, lights, video, laptop, tape, condoms, corsets, skirts, body-shapers and a myriad of other bits and pieces together. 

Checking everything: I don’t want anything failing mid-session, so I went through everything looking for any rips and tears (getting to be a dab hand with the sewing needle), checked operability (keys for padlocks and handcuffs, making sure they still open and close properly) and general cleanliness (amazing that I still manage to find the occasional article that was put away damp or dirty). 

Ordering new: I know I left things a bit late, but I simply couldn’t resist a few extra purchases, that would arrive (hopefully) during my home alone time.  Read elsewhere for more about those and how they performed. 

Essentials and peripherals: Ice cubes need to be frozen, batteries charged, laptop memory cleared (operating on the very limit for recording video these days), food supplies brought in (those high-energy drinks I’d need at 2am in the morning!), massive push to get as much of my day time jobs completed (no late nights working on spreadsheets and presentations) plus making sure my personal diary was up to date and no planned visitors scheduled to turn up. I also ensured my neighbours wouldn’t be unduly concerned about lights being on late at night or curtains drawn at odd times during the day (they know I work strange hours sometimes so dropping into conversation that I’d be ‘...working all hours...’ and ‘…burning the candle at both ends…’ to complete a project – which wasn’t a lie as such. (I just didn’t elaborate on what that project was!)

So what had I got to play with?

20180414_181902.jpg thumbnail   
 – this is basically my bondage gear, consisting of lots of rope (duh!), chains and handcuffs, plus a selection of D-rings, clips and shackles – pretty standard fare for any respectable self-bondage player. Also here are my boots and a selection of butt-plugs (one new toy and some old friends) – I find that my ‘anal capacity’ can change quite dramatically between sessions, sometimes the smallest plug can be quite difficult to take, whilst on another day I’m desperately wanting something bigger than my largest! The keen eyed will also spot my rope ratchet and ice-cube bag (a ‘must have’ for my proper self-bondage sessions). I’ve also got cock-rings, a ball sack and a penis sheath (all in silicon), plus a chastity cage, which was another new purchase. Finally there is my hood, blindfold and selection of gags – in good self-bondage no one should be able to hear you scream! 

20180414_182617.jpg thumbnail   
– my fetish clothing; lots and lots of tights, a selection of Lycra bodies, long Lycra gloves (which I love), very slinky wet-look bodycon style dress, wet-look stockings, suspender belt, body-shaper underwear and another new purchase, my first corset!

20180414_182923.jpg thumbnail   
 – I was surprised to discover that I owned 6 pantyhose bodysuits, including 3 full suits (gloves, penis sheath and hood); all are looking a little worse for wear with ladders and rips (needle and thread time again) but they are still serviceable. After I took this picture I found a 7th! All making me a happy but forgetful pervert! 

I’m very lucky in that I could dedicate a spare bedroom to my kinky hobby, though only temporarily whilst I was certain to be home alone! This allowed me to set-up my video and then leave it and all my gear out, ready for playtime. 

There you have it – a snap-shot of the very beginning of my ‘Home alone’ sessions in 2018, with some sneak previews of a few new toys and a hint or two about what was to cum… err.. come!  Blush Big Grin

The most exciting time of the year! Tongue
(19 Jun 2018, 12:45 )madjack Wrote: I was surprised to discover that I owned 6 pantyhose bodysuits,
I was (positively) surprised when I could not fit all my swimsuits/leotard in one drawer Big Grin

And negatively surprised to discover that some of them began to decay Sad
(21 Jun 2018, 02:20 )Like Ra Wrote:
(19 Jun 2018, 12:45 )madjack Wrote: I was surprised to discover that I owned 6 pantyhose bodysuits,
I was (positively) surprised when I could not fit all my swimsuits/leotard in one drawer Big Grin  

And negatively surprised to discover that some of them began to decay Sad

I had the same negative experience with my zentai suit - got it out of the bag only to find all the elasticity had gone and I was left with a baggy, non-stretchy black outfit that was consigned to the bin.  Negative 

I've not replaced it yet and can't decide if I want to buy another one or if I'll spend my money on something else.


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