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"Hold It, Push It" Scenario
Sorry for take so long posting here this scenario. New ones will be posted here at the same time than at boundanna and boundforum.

This scenario is more difficult to explain than to performance so I'll try to do my best trying to explain it:
(as soon as you get the idea it is the simplest thing)

First of all we need an inflatable buttplug where we are going to tie to chains with two little zip ties to the tubes of the buttplug:
[Image: buttplug.gif]

A is the key of your handcuffs that will make you free. To get it you'll have to push out the buttplug inflated.

B is the buttplug we are going to use. If you have one that vibrates then it will be better.

C is a chain that connects the buttplug to some nippleclamps and passes through your crotch, so when you push the buttplug out you'll will pull the clamps (they must be clamps that can be taked out pulling it)

D is a chain that connect your buttplug (and the key of your handcuffs) to your neck. So when you push out the buttplug you'll can get the key just pulling the chain (and it never will fall to the floor)

The next thing we are going to do is a chastity belt like this one:
[Image: chastityfrontal.jpg]

E are two chains that will prevent you to push the buttplug out until you do something. It will be better explained later.

So if we insert the buttplug inside us we will take the green chain C and will pass it to the front side of us through the crotch.
When we've done it, the we will attach some clothespins or nippleclamps like that:
[Image: clothespins1.jpg]

C is the chain connected to out buttplug

F are clothespins or another nippleclamp than can be taked pulling it (painfully, of course).

Is funnier if you put different zip ties longitudes because it will make that the clothespins will be not removed at the same time when you push (or when you pull the red chain to get the key of the handcuffs)

So when we get the clamps on place we will look like that:
[Image: titsfrontal.jpg]

G is a big padlock that will add some weigh to the clothespins making they be more uncorfontable.

If you have a pair of those nippleclamps that the more you pull the more they press the you can have even more fun doing that:
[Image: titsfrontalhardcore.jpg]

H are those kind of clamps

I are some weigh, so if you don't keep the chain in your mouth you'll suffer a bit more during the session.

When you've inserted the buttplug, secure it with the blue chain like that:
[Image: paso2aw.jpg]

K is a 3-digits combination padlock

L is a zip tie to adjust the blue chains making sure they are very tight, so until you open the combination padlock you'll no be able to take the buttplug outside of you.

You can also tie the chains again to the belt, but take care that when you open the padlok they will fall and, the most important, when you pull the chain with the key (the red one) they don't block the raising of the key (and the attached buttplug).

This is how we are going to tie the red chain:
[Image: paso1tt.jpg]

J is a neck collar (in the dollar store there are some very cheap for the dogs)

Please notice that the chain MUST NOT BE TIGHTED, because you're going to need some links to let the buttplug get out and it will be impossible if the red chain is tight (we already have one chastity belt Big Grin )

Finally we are going to put out favorite handcuffs like that:
[Image: paso3i.jpg]

M our handcuffs chained to the collar, so we can't reach the buttplug to take it out or remove the clothespins

N something with a long thin chain (enough to reach the floor) and with some weigh at the end) I will explain it better later.

I've showed every step because it was very difficult to show all the chains at the same time:
[Image: bigmess.jpg]

This is how the scenario will look like:
[Image: holdit.jpg]

O is a ring towel holder, where you are going to be tied the rest of the session

R is a chain that keeps you on place. For the boys I'll show an alternative later.

T is a blindfold. As we are going to play next to a towel holder maybe you prefer to look at you at the mirror.

S is a wire attached to P with some electric teasing (maybe a dildo for ladies...)

P is a switch that connects the teasing device. Is placed on the floor next to Q and secured with tape. (there can be more than one :twisted: )

Q is the valve of the buttplug. If you have inflated it a lot, and havin your legs tied toghether maybe you'll find very hard to push the buttplug out from you, so you can try to push the valve with N to try to desinflate the buttplug. But if you fail you'll push the switch :whip:
The valve must be secured with tape to the floor and out of reach of the feet.

The game goes like this:

You'll have to open the combination padlock without seeing it (1000 possible combinations, and an hour have 3600 seconds. . .).
When you finally open the combination padlock you'll have to push to take the buttplug out, but it will be very difficult due the size inflated and your legs tied toghether and the clothespins in the front.When you do that the you'll can pull the red chain to get the key of the handcuffs, but it will finally remove all the clothespins :whip:

Needless to say that you'll have to use a back up release!!!

If you find it very hard to take the buttplug out you can put a book between your knees before you tie them with a belt.

Bonus play for the boys:

I've modified my handcuffs cutting the chain and addind two little padlocks:
[Image: handcuffs100.jpg]

So I can put a longer chain or let one of the ends just with a chain.

In the scenario you have to have your feet tied to the towel holder to prevent you to step on the buttplug vlave, but we can also tie ourselves to the towel holder with the handcuffs doing that:
[Image: malej.jpg]

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