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Hogtied with pony boots
Hi guys!!

Has anyone seen or tried a hogtied with pony boots?

Like that Pony Boots (Crazy-Dazys shop).

I searched the net but not found any mention...

Ninja BBG
I thought about this design too (attached some photos, should the ebay links do not work anymore). You can't break the heels, since there are no heels (there's still risk of twisting ankles Undecided ) But you can't use heels as anchor points for bondage.

Actually, there is a "hook", but the lever might be too long for comfortable position (the feet may end up overstretched, because the rope pressure is applied closer to the toes, what increases the lever length) or the "hook" might be too shallow (the ropes can sleep off the heel). So, experimenting is needed.

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Hi Ra

Think so too. So I would like to see some photos or opinion of those who have tried.

I have a pic...

Ninja BBG

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