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Hiya! Olé! Ola! Hello! Hoi!
Polite as I am, I'll do a short introduction of myself:

I am a 45 year old guy from the Netherlands. Since as long as I can remember I've been into all sorts of kinky stuff. Nowadays I like (self)bondage a lot, but my main fetish is all-over body wrapping. Any material or technique will do, but I prefer rubber, leather, clingfilm, tape and stuff like that. Anything that feels tight, is restrictive and somehow erotic, will do.

It goes both ways too. I like to be wrapped, as well as to wrap someone else.
My wife and I don't undertake such activities together anymore. But she will totally understand if I engage in kinky stuff with someone else. She might even want to watch ;-)

Apart from all this, I am a generally nice guy. I enjoy (sci-fi) films, board games, driving a car, walking in the woods, stuff like that. If you ever visit my home town and see a tall, bald, slightly overweight fellow walking around in leather pants, that is probably me. Don't hesitate to ask if it is ;-)
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand........ Welcome!!!! Big Grin
Howdy! What board games are you in to?
(10 Oct 2014, 20:02 )herrpee Wrote: What board games are you in to?
Fetish chess? Big Grin ( )
Fetish chess, :-))

No, it's stuff like Carcasonne, Kolonisten van Katan, Risk, stuff like that.
I like those games. Let me loose...
I bet some people were thinking about gingerbreadman bondage, waterboarding and those fancy electro-CBT boards ...

I was.

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