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Hitman: Absolution.
I was unsure whether to post a link to this computer game promotional clip so I checked with Like Ra who suggested I post it here with a warning. I love the imagery but the (computer generated) violence is over-the-top sadistic for me.

These are the antagonists, 'The Saints':

CI_68529_1347923314.JPG thumbnail   

Here's the promo, consider yourselves fore-warned...

I've put together a 'Boo' crossplay outfit (she's the woman on the far left of the pic) and I'll post pics if the thread's not too unpopular. There's also a group of girls from the UK Cosplay site 'Cosplay Island' doing 'The Saints' outfits at the London Expo this weekend so I'll keep an eye out for more pics like these:

gd1.jpg thumbnail    GD2.jpg thumbnail    GD3.jpg thumbnail   
What impresses me most about the clip is the quality of animation – it is simply superb. I don’t know if the animators use real life actors/actresses to get the scene images (now that would be fun!) or simply create from scratch – whichever the result is amazing.

The violence is a detractor – I like to see my fetish women very much alive and well (though a little bit of ‘peril’ is always OK… Big Grin )

Would I like to see more – yes please! Especially if it was orientated more towards the latex/bondage scene and less about ‘shoot ‘em up’ game play. Surely those clever Asian animators must have created a porn scene or two by now? Huh

Good find

'Boo', a test...

Boo_Costume_test1.jpg thumbnail    Boo_Costume_test2.jpg thumbnail