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Help identifying this fabric
I hope this is an appropriate place to post this.  I recently bought some leggings that are of a shiny polyester spandex I think (Chinese, no label) and they are lined with fleece or something quite soft and warm.  Anyway, I've searched everywhere trying to find a place that sells just the fabric because I want to make a leotard, catsuit and footed tights out of this material.  Hopefully one of you reading this can help me to find a link to a sales page or at least the factory that makes this fabric.  Actually, at this point I'd love to have a few meters of any stretchy, soft-fleece lined material, shiny or not.

I looked on google but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for so I went on Amazon and Aliexpress to find listings of similar.  This is not the same exact leggings I have but these look close enough to mine.  I would post the pics here but the listings won't let me right click and save the pictures so I will post links.

Amazon listing  

Aliexpress listing

Did a quick search.

Got this

I believe this is what you are looking for.
Sorry Tinker, that's not the same stuff.  The material you found is not nearly soft enough.  I have leggings made out of that one too.
Needs to be thinner?

Spandex pu coated lined.

This is 4 Way stretch Leather Fabric, With the PU surface and the back side with Fleece fabric. This leather fabric is very soft and good skin feeling.
It is suitable for some Trousers making.
*The wide stretchy is stronger than the length one, and there will have some centimeters edge fabric which is make of producing.
*Please note colors may differ slightly in batches so please purchase required coverage at one time.

shiny-leggings.jpg thumbnail   

Thought this was it. Pictures showed leggings
(11 Aug 2018, 21:27 )Tinker D Wrote: Needs to be thinner?

Spandex pu coated lined.


No, actually needs to be much thicker.  My guess is that the material I'm looking for is at least 1mm thick.  The PU coating is of little importance to me in this application (although I would give preference towards such).  My main concern is the super fluffy, warm and yet still stretchy interior.  Thanks for your help in this.

I have pictures of the actual leggings in question to share.  I hope they provide clarification.

fabric-01.jpg thumbnail    fabric-02.jpg thumbnail    fabric-03.jpg thumbnail