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Help finding these "Tubes" !!

He appears to be unwrapping and using very tight pantyhose/tights tubes.  They appear to be made as a single long tube specifically for this kind of use!  Can anyone help me source where to buy these in large quantities?!

I would be eternally grateful!

*Edit*  So far the only thing I can tell from the video is that the plastic bags each one comes in has the word "Fashion" on it, and a black image of what looks like someone in a black bodystocking/tube.  Ugh...I need to find where to source these!
Looks like something from Aliexpress.

Look up Tights and Cocoon - There is one that is described as a 6' long tube (sealed at one end) available in three shades, including black. I have no experience of these, but they look good.

There is another kind on there that has more pictures in the ad - I have some of these and they are very small - nice and glossy, strong too - but too small to go from feet to over your head, unless you use two, one from each end.

Quite cheap, as usual.
@Will90MeeG - do you happen to have a link to the ones you found on aliexpress? Thanks! (Been looking for the sale you found all luck)
I got one of these tubes. Haven't gotten to use it to the extreme shown in the video, at least not yet.
@"Lucas Gryvon" yeah those are all over. Thinner and stretchy and made for moving around. In the video you can see the one he has is more opaque like tights as opposed to pantyhose, and is much much tighter. Like the single leg of a pair of tights rather than a large pantyhose bag.
That does look like a single leg of normal tights. The fact the second layer seems to aeady be attached in a way does seem to suggest it's just both legs of regular tights being pulled on.
(04 Jun 2021, 19:55 )Lucas Gryvon Wrote: That does look like a single leg of normal tights. The fact the second layer seems to aeady be attached in a way does seem to suggest it's just both legs of regular tights being pulled on.

Its the same thicknes/diameter yes. 

But he is opening brand new packages....they come that way. You can see him unroll it, its one long tube with only one end sewn shut. 

Picture is like tights for a large python.
Maybe worth a look:
How tight should it be? 3 levels here:

Bonus (with some creative photos):
(14 Jun 2021, 22:09 )VSD Wrote: Maybe worth a look:

Wow, they have not change any single photo on their website since at least 15 years…

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