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Hi!!  New user here!!

I’m Andy, from the UK.  What a great site!  So much information and inspiration😊

A little about me:  I’m into rope self bondage and mummification.  I’m non-binary.  Although I enjoy wearing a dress and makeup, it feels natural and I don’t consider it crossdressing.

I’ve been doing self bondage for a long time, but only recently found this place and discovered so many ways to do it properly😊

So, yeah, Hi👋
Very warm welcome 😊
Thanks! And very welcome!

(At first I thought it was @AndyLatex for the second time 😊)
Welcome @Andy
My site: My site for my stories, photos and more. 😊
Indeed, welcome to our little world.
Welcome @Andy
Hi and welcome! It is nice to see one more guy who is interested in rope bondage.

Do you wear dresses in public? You said it feels natural, but I found, that a lot of things stop feeling natural, once others give their comments, so I hardly ever wear them in public. By the way, to me wearing skirts is not really a fetish, except for the restriction of tight skirts and the feeling in the background, that it is considered wrong by the average people. I find skirts very comfortable and would wear them a lot, if it weren't that annoying (I ranted about that a couple of years ago, so I won't go on now).

Well, basically, welcome again! And I am looking forward to your posts.
I like wearing skirts as well. I find izod skirts work well for me, although I preferred pleated skirts. Mostly during summer as I get a rash and pleated skirts really helps me deal with it.
But as work dictates, I wear jeans.

But I do love my skirts.
Thanks for the welcome!

Yes, I do wear womens clothes in public. When I dress I’m fortunate that I pass so have not had any issues.

I’ve experimented with all sorts ways - from wearing a skirt as a guy to dressing completely as a woman. I feel most comfortable as the latter, and being completely crossdressed gets the least attention!!
(23 Jan 2022, 05:38 )Andy Wrote: I’m fortunate that I pass
That makes choices much more free, indeed.

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