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Hi all

Spotted this forum just this week and it looks ace. So thought I'd introduce myself...

Have been 'into' a range of things for as long as I remember. Before I even started thinking about girls I was wrapping myself up in tape...wasn't long before games with cousins ended up involving tying up (never me, sadly), or I started collecting girls' swimming costumes, leotards and catsuits. 

Looking through the threads on this forum, it's funny how some of these fetishes seem to group together - people share some of the same groups of interests. Wonder if that's true - and if there's any psychological reason why people would like, say, getting tied up and wearing lycra, for example.  

I'm a massive lover of bondage, latex, super-tight clothing...but apart from the odd experience here and there have never been able to share any of it with anyone else. My current girlfriend is showing signs of being interested in bondage - relatively light and just her getting tied so far, but hoping we get to play a lot more. 

Am particularly into total mummification, immobilising bondage, and wearing tight, shiny clothing (catsuits, anything latex, wetsuits, swimsuits my favourite). 

Anyway - good to 'meet' you all. Keen to talk to people who have the same interests. If only to help remind myself that i'm not a massive freak - something that's always a struggle. Ha. 


PS. Some not very good quality pics of one of my better attempts at mummification. This was very, very tight...

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So you did all this to yourself ?

Great. Who took the picture ?
(16 Apr 2016, 03:36 )Tinker D Wrote: So you did all this to yourself ?

Great. Who took the picture ?

Yes - to myself. Camera is on a window ledge (you can see that actually) and these are screen grabs...