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Harry Potter and the Impossible Read.
I was away from home last week, staying at a 'bed and breakfast' establishment. In my bedroom was a bookcase with the entire works of J K Rowling so as I'd never done so I thought I'd have a go at reading 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' over the four nights I was away.

I have to wonder how anyone can enjoy reading this stuff. I ran out of reading time midway through Harry's first Quiddich match and I've not felt the slightest inclination to find out how the match ends. Boring, boring, boring...


Thank you, thank you, THANK YOUExclamation

I was begining to think I was the only person on the planet who thought the Harry Potter mania was the biggest pile of bull***t on the plant, and the films utter tosh... well, with the possible exception of Emma Watson who is now looking rather sexy!

Give me Terry Pratchett any day

Probably you are too grown up ;-)

HP was never supposed to be a great literature, and it's not. Rowling is neither Zhelazny nor Tolkien (we're talking fantasy, aren't we?). I find the plot quite interesting but weak and illogical (something what I absolutely dislike). Nevertheless, all 7 books let me switch over from the reality and relax (exactly what I needed). And I like the film, especially the actors. Beautiful match!
Rowling had two advantages- a good publisher, and the fact that it was (at the time) the first truly viable fantasy piece in many years. Most everything else at the time was D&D trash.

As for great literature, I don't think any works made after James Joyce wrote his Ulysses can qualify as literature. Popular fiction, sure, but not literature. Ulysses put paid to literature and the genre is now dead. Anyone else trying to write literature is just flogging an undead horse.