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Guess who got "catfished" ...
Guess who got "catfished" ...

That's right, it was me! How'd you guess?

Inspired by @"AllieXBow" 's venture from the self-bondage into the bondage world, (aaargh, you're so lucky!) I had reactivated my old classified, but this time I removed the part where I'd also be willing to work with male playmates.

And lo' and behold, the next day I aeady got a reply from a woman in my city, 33 years old, petite but slightly athletic.  Inexperienced but very eager to dip her unquestionably sexy toes into the shores of bondage play.

Could it be? A unicorn?

See, I'm not an idiot. I knew that she had to be fake. A "keyboard wanker" is the colloquial term, I think.

But what if she's not? Gee. What if this is the one in a million shot hitting the bullseye?
Ask yourself, would you have pursued the opportunity?

Well, I have. And let me tell you, the ups and downs of imagining it could be real and telling myself to stop and call her out (or him, more specifically) were a fun experience. We chatted for 2-3 hours, two nights in a row.

In her mind, she was looking for a strong D/s overtone. Since she had no experience, she wanted me to take the reigns and only interject with yellow/red safewords if she felt overwhelmed. For her, the idea of bondage was inseparably linked to a heavy sexual vibe. She expected to be naked and vulnerable right from the start, forced to pleasure her Master as he deems fit, receiving pleasure herself only as a reward if she followed orders properly (in the ad, I stated that the range of scenarios could go from playful damsel in distress scenes through taxing ties in fetish clothing up to complete, naked helplessness while being pounded by a fucking machine and a magic wand pushed onto her clit).

When I jerked off later that night, I came harder than I had come in quite a long time.

I told her I was aeady planning another meetup with my bondage buddy I met over my old classified for the first week of May and that she could contact him as a reference (I had of course asked him for permission to share his anonymous profile URL and he was also aware that she was extremely likely to be a fraud)

She asked if she could attend as well, but if she was to be naked, she expected the other bottom to be as well.

Since I had provided her with his contact, I asked her to negotiate those terms with him herself.

That was also the point where I decided to demand some sort of proof to show her commitment to the whole idea. I offered a meetup, where she could check me out from a distance and disengage discreetly if she felt like it, suggested she could send a photo of her (fully clothed, no face) top, breasts bound above and below by two belts and her hand holding a piece of paper with my profile name on it.

Naturally, she became evasive. Indignant, even. The pauses in chat grew longer and longer while the cold, hard realisation set in that the dream was about to end. Then, 12 hours later, still no reply. I cheekily asked "So what is it? Are you a fake or not?" and then (here's the part of the brain clinging to hope like a mountaineer holding on to his icepick while dangling over a chasm) "If you just slightly embellished some part about being 33/petite/athletic, there's some wiggle room."





"Nope. I'm male, 38, and I just want to be tied up, but I can't find anyone to do it to me..."

Sad trombone sound. I wasn't mad. I was just disappointed. Despite having known that this, or something similar to this, was the expected outcome right off the start. And, more importantly, I felt compassion for his situation.

Long story short, we chatted some more and all the things about bondage he told me as his alter ego were true, he's gay, has a 21x5 cock and I'm considering meeting up with him to see if we can help each other out with our fantasies.

Should I, dear reader?
Life's too short to pretend you're not into some kinky shit.
(23 Apr 2022, 21:30 )Bound Whore Wrote: Edit: Goddamnit, the poll ruins the story and I can't remove it. Ah well, live and learn.
I crow my unholy victory over this world, for I am willing to tie up not just the men, but the women and the LGBT people too.

Yeah, I figured that there would be a lot of that in the adult world. People who want to be tied up but oddly lie about it not understanding that for most that is absolutely a deal breaker. I am not in a situation right now ot do it but in the future I just want to find people I can reciprocate bondage with, visit each other to either tie or be tied up.

The problem is that being tied up or tying someone else up is a huge game of trust, you need to trust the other won't take advantage as you are tied helplessly, problem is who trusts someone who lies in a relationship? There is a point to be made about their desperation to be tied makes them a safer bet and yet that is some really rocky foundations for any relationship tbh.

The bigger problem I see is that bondage is a sexual activity in the most part and due to how human society works and or biological differences (pick your own reason) the number of dominant men outnumber submissive men and the reverse for women. Problematic is that the vast majority of the planet is in straight relationships and dominant women for multitudes of reasons often don't do bondage, in my opinion because dominant women prefer workplace and social dominance rather then men due to having far less competition. IE being a strongman or a dominant man is kinda normal and they find a woman. However dominant women can just be the group "queen bee" draining the pool of most dominant women.

This results in a pool with mostly switch/submissive men who cannot be paired with opposing dominant women which flows into gay and bisexual men. Then comes the game of finding someone gay/bisexual and either dominant or switch and into bondage which must be a really small fraction of the population. And all this assumes that the man who wants to be fine is chill enough with being tied up by a man in the first place.

Ps I do want to elaborate on the visiting thing. It is my dream that you could just drive over to someone after work or something and just have some fun. For example the person you visit gets dressed/ plugged whatever and you just get the ropes, tie them up on their bed or however they want and just chill on the phone a bit. You get to relax and your friend gets tied up. Reverse to reciprocate. If you are fine with someone else using your bathroom and bedroom then just have them come over to you (with their gear) and you tie them at your place, go do whatever you normally do at home and just occasionally check back and release then when they have had enough.

In a nutshell it is to de-sexualize bondage to make it more understood and based off of friendship and helping each other rather then short term horniness or greed for love. The polar opposite being whatever the hell happens in 40 shades of grey.

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