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Greetings, pervs!
Hello world!

I am a 40 year old part time crossdresser and sissy. I wouldn't pass though. Not even on a dark night. But that don't bother me. I just love dressing up all slutty or masturbating to hypnos or occasionally find a cock to suck to completion. I love getting high on 2C-B and/or weed and having sex/masturbating. 2C-B also helps the hypnos hit way harder! During a 2C-B and hypno session I would probably suck just about any cock I came across.

I have a huge cum fetish. I love the smell, the texture, the taste. How it spurts out from a hard, twitching cock. The feeling of it filling up my mouth or hitting my face.

I'm bi with a GF. She knows my bi side, but not the crossdressing/sissy side. She would probably be put off. I'm a Dom with women and a sub for men.

So how did I end up here? (Grab a drink and a snack. This is going to be a bit long.)

It seems I was always into womens underwear. I remember getting a deck of nude playing cards at a traveling fair as a young teen. My family was early adopters of Internet, but this was back in 94-95, right before we got connected. The deck had women in lots of different poses. But it was one card that I always thought was hotter than the others. It had a girl in these beautiful black lace panties. While my friends was drooling more over the totally nude ones, I was capivated by the one with the lace panties.

I still hadn't connected the dots though. Then I got my first girlfriend. I remember lying besides her in bed, just touching each other. We weren't having sex or anything at the moment. Just sort of cuddling. Without really thinking I ended up rubbing up against her (red satin) panties and getting really hard. "It's like you're more excited about my panties than me?", she asked me. Like it was something wrong. I thought to myself that, yeah, maybe I was. I still hadn't explored anything yet. Because of her condescending tone of voice it made me feel guilty. We stayed together for a few years. I still just knew I had some sort of fetish for lingerie. We broke up and a few years later I met another girl.

She on the other hand didn't mind my fetish. She liked it. She loved me buying her sexy underwear and seeing my reaction to her in it. She indulged my fetish. I dressed her up in fishnet stockings, suspenders and black lace panties. She also had this see lace nightie I liked. I would feel her up and down over the clothes. I would fuck her with the panties on the side. One day I told her how I loved the feeling of her panties against my cock. This lead to her giving me pantyjobs from time to time. Feeding my fetish made it stronger. One day while she was at work and I wasn't I decided I was horny. I took a pair of her panties and started to give myself a pantyjob. But then I thought "What if I put them on?". I still get hard from thinking about that first time I was pulling panties up my own legs. I was shaking. The feeling was incredible. The lace hugging both my cock and ass. Then I put on her fishnets. I got even more excited. I was still doing this in secret until one day while getting a pantyjob I asked her if I could try them on. She actually smiled slyly and said "Sure."

I would sometimes, but not always, have panties on during sex. She loved how horny it made me. But I never did tell her I also wore her other lingerie too. We had an open relationship which lead to me exploring my bi-side too. I would meet up with this one crossdresser regularly while dressed up myself.
Me and that ex broke up about a couple of years ago, but I kept a pair of my favorite panties. And that nightie? Somehow it ended up in my stuff. Funny how things like that happens. I've also been expanding my collection a bit.

Then one day while I had dressed up and was watching porn I stumbled across a video called "Sissy Cuckold Transformation". It had a female robot voice and a slideshow. I was totally captivated! I started looking around for more of the same and discovered a whole world of sissy hypnos. I didn't even know that existed, but now I'm hooked. I started watching more and more hypno videoes. Then I graduated to audio files. There's no denying it anymore. I am a crossdressing cocksucker and a cumslut.

Want to know more about me and my journy? Just ask.
Welcome to our little world.
Very warm welcome aboard!
You'll fit right in.
Like a video I made? Take a look at my other videos here:

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