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Goddess of Hypnosis
Note: this is *not* a request/sharing thread, but rather a discussion....

Just wanted to see your thoughts on her work, if anybody here had purchased anything previously. I'm mainly into feminization hypno, but GoH is the only tist that can actually take me deep, like real deep. I don't know what it is about her, if it's just her voice, her technique, or what, but something about her affects me more than any others.

Any thoughts/experiences?
Never heard of her. Any links?
Her site seems to be going under construction, but she's been around for a minute, like the mid 2000s. Usually a few of her videos are found in the usual spots...usually her 9 Buck Mind Fuck, Staring Contest, and Red videos IIRC...not entirely sure as I haven't done any torrents in years, because 1) As an indie musician who barely makes shit thanks to streaming, last thing I can do is take from someone (I usually ended up buying anything I've downloaded, even if it was shit tier) and 2) my computer is a POS

Here's a teaser from her YouTube


I own a few of her videos , and I personally love them, but it's more of a submission/occasional findom type thing (which is not my thing yet with her I like it...hmm) , although unlike the majority of people who do those types of videos, she's an actual certified hypnotist. Before Isabella Valentine went psycho*, there was an interview with GoH on Inraptured , and her husband (IV's husband...can't remember his name) is the one who did the interview. If it was still online I'd post it here because it's not that common to have a hypnotist actually discuss their work.

*Oh, that's a whole thread in and of itself...
I sincerely hope I’m wrong, and I’m the type of person who likes to think the best of people, but I think I got fucked over and I’m mad as hell right now. I’m not going to say whom this person is, as I still want to give her the benefit of the doubt (I’m such a fucking idiot I guess) but I’m going to share my story with you all as a cautionary tale. If this matter is not resolved, you’re damn right going to “out” her so this doesn’t happen to anybody else.

Anyway here’s what happened. I’m familiar with the work from the person in question. She has a pretty good reputation, and has been around for years. Now, I’m not a pirate ;as a professional musician, the idea of stealing someone’s work is quite sickening to me. Now, I did used to do the whole torrent thing when I was younger. That said I actually went back and paid everyone back I ever downloaded a file from, even if it wasn’t good. It was the right thing to do. That’s the kind of person I am. I give a 1/3 of my royalties to charity even though I don’t really make shit from sales, and have continued to do so even though I can’t play live shows right now. I’m bringing in next to nothing. So please keep that in mind when I tell the following...

Last week, I had something happen in my personal life that I don’t care to go into at this point,and was extremely depressed to the point it was quite scary: I’ll leave it at that for now. I ended up smoking a whole bunch of weed and taking a molly (which I do on occasion...the combination allows me to write better). So any who I was feeling good and ended up watching a certain person’s video for a couple of hours on repeat. I ended up emailing this person and wanted to buy a video. Person named the price and lo and behold it just so happened to be the exact amount I left from my royalties in PayPal. Said video is something that does *not* circulate and I’ve been wanting to get it for years. I was actually excited. Only issue is, I do not have a credit card to use. I have a debit card but I’m not single , account isn’t in my name, and privacy is a priority... in addition I was once the victim of identity theft some years back, and I really don’t like paying with a card online unless it’s something like Amazon. So, this person said I could pay her by PayPal. I’m like, sure. I mean, she has a good rep, has been around for years, I wouldn’t have to pay a credit card fee, and I’m getting a discount? Boom. Works for me. Well, fuck. It’s been five days, she never responded back after the first email, and it’s increasingly obvious I was taken for a fool. You know what the kicker is? If she had just asked for a tribute or something, I’d have done it in a heartbeat , with how I was feeling at that moment. Instead, she straight up stole. It’s one thing to put someone under and give suggestions to get tributes. That’s cool. This, however, is actually stealing.

And yet...while typing this I keep checking my email hoping that maybe she’s just been busy, or maybe something happened. I mean, it’s obvious what really happened, but I don’t want to believe it. But Friday will make a week...if I haven’t heard back I guess I’m going to have to start warning people not to do business with her; I loathe the idea of hurting someone’s reputation, but I don’t want this to happen to anybody else.

Anyway; tldr version, I paid a hypnotist for a file I never got, and said person basically just took my money and ran. Has this happened to any of you all?
I have ordered things on line a lot. There were two times I got ripped off. First was a front grill for my Nam Jeep. Paid money and got nothing. He got banned from eBay for life. Second, tried to help a good friend. Good friend?? How about a con friend. Well, there went 500 bucks down the sewer pipe. Never do that again.
All in all, my small point about this is:
With all the items I bought and sold, and it’s in the thousands, I got screwed about 10 times. Yea, it hurts and piss me off, but I would say 0.0013% of all my deals went so far south, I just have just let it go.
But that’s just me. Also, if you let this eat at you, you’ll get more pissed off and just may do something that just might come back to you.
“ Be carefull what you buy on line. You don’t know your dealing with”
(11 Aug 2020, 23:06 )Tinker D Wrote: “ Be carefull what you buy on line. You don’t know your dealing with”
Not only online. You never know who are you dealing with.
Very true. I was specifically asking about hypnotists just in case it turns out this person did it to anyone else. I probably am going to out her as I should take the hint. I’ll give it til Friday. Not going to bother to email her any further. Ironically, I had also told her I was going to be buying some more from her soon.

I will say this though..:karma is a bitch, and I hope the money was worth it. Actually, I hope if she did rip me off, I hope that money she stole ends up being the last money she has to her name, and she remembers me
(11 Aug 2020, 22:16 )F2S Wrote: she’s just been busy, or maybe something happened.
It's still possible. Such things happen. BTW, you can revert paypal payments. That's what makes paypal relatively safe.
Did not know you can reverse payment! Thank you so much for letting me know! How does that work? I’m giving it til Friday and I’ll go do it

I checked on the website and I can’t reverse it because it’s been completed but I’m going to report her as fraudulent if she doesn’t at least respond by Friday. I kept my invoice and I have her original response to my original email
As long as you bid not send it as a “gift”, you may have a chance.
If you send it as payment for a product and you have not received it, then you have a case. If it is a product and is being shipped, get a tracking number. If you can.

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