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I'm not much of an artist, but if I get the time I'll try to draw some pictures in the next few days to make this more understandable. Or, even better, if anyone out there actually CAN draw and wants to make some illustrations that would be awesome.

The crux of the idea is to use a foot pump, the kind you would use to inflate a car tyre (like this:, to inflate an object that would push a key off an out-of-reach position.

>Cuffs for ankles and wrists - or use rope
>Vibrator or dildo
>Foot pump - I think one of the wider twin cylinder ones like in the image would be better for stability/reliability and such
>Some hose - to connect the pump to whatever you intend to inflate with it
>One way valve (optional - will explain)
>Something to inflate - a balloon or a plastic bag etc.

>Screw the base of the foot pump to the part of the chair you sit on. You want to also fasten the dildo/vibrator to it and have them both positioned such that your buttocks or thighs can activate the pump by bouncing up and down while you are simultaneously impaled on the dildo.

>Attach one end of the hose to the outlet of the pump and the other to whatever you are intending to inflate. Make sure there are no leaks and ensure the connections won't come undone (use tape and/or hose clamps). TEST how long it takes to inflate the bag/balloon, and how vigorously you have to pump, then do a trial run to make sure you can actually bounce your ass on the pump hard and fast enough to inflate the object. You may want to insert a one-way valve in the hose so that any air you pump in does not escape, but on the other hand you may want a bit of escaping air so that you have to try harder and for longer...Wink

>Put the inflatable object on a high shelf out of reach (attach it securely with tape etc) and place the keys next to it so that sufficient inflation of the object will push the keys off the shelf. Have the keys on a string that will swing them to your hands.

>The chair can be either upright, in which case you will ride up and down to work the pump, or lying with its back on the floor, in which case you will be on your hands and knees and working the pump doggy style (in this case you would need to make sure the legs of the chair are up against something hard like the wall to provide resistance to your motions).

>Tie your ankles to the legs of the chair (will need to attach eyelets to the legs if you do the doggy-style way). Next lower yourself onto the dildo and tie your thighs to the chair seat so that you have some movement, but not enough to rise completely off the dildo. The dildo may need to be a long one or be attached on a higher platform so that the pump can be properly worked without the tip of the dildo coming out of you.

>If you are doing the upright version sit backwards on the chair so that you can tie your wrists to the top of the chair-back. If you are doggy-styling, the back of the chair should be on the ground, and you tie your wrists to this.

Add gags, clothing, etc. to your taste and use an ice delay just in case something goes wrong with the rest of it. If you find that it is too easy to inflate the thing and you don't get to give yourself a thorough enough rogering, you can always put pin-pricks in the inflatable object so that air is constantly escaping and if you stop to take a breather all your hard work will be undone and you'll have to start over.

NB: I'm not too sure how easy it would be to actuate the pump doggy-style - might prove more than one could manage, but you would test it before you went ahead and bound yourself to it.

A variation of this would be to take a normal hand-operated bicycle pump and use it for a blow-job trainer - attach the body to something hard, then take the handle in your mouth and pull back and forth with your mouth/head to pump up something inflatable in order to push the key off a shelf. You would probably have to use your teeth though, which might detract from the fantasy a little.
I think we have thread about that somewhere.
I seem to remember that one had to sit down or operate a pump that woul push a dildo to a point so the keys will be released.

Tech section?
I was thinking about this but maybe something like a kit surf or beach pump would be better.
Sure the car ones have a natural spring return that would be good.
But the more linear motion on these pumps would be easier.
Strap a dildo or plug to the t-handle and you have to take it fully to push down. When you pull back up you will need a waist to handle tether to pull it back up... But just make the tether too short for the toy to come out.
Hump and repeat
Alright, looking at your Title, maybe this idea would be better.
As the title says, fuck your way to freedom, you'll need a masterbator tool, connected to a one way valve. A hose connects the valve to an air cylinder that holds your release device.
The idea is, in order to free yourself, you'll need to hump the masterbator, to pump air into the air cylinder. Your penis is part of the pump itself.
The problem you'll have, is you better not cum before your release has been released. If that happens, you'll go soft, and will have start again.
In short, the masterbator and your hardon IS the air pump. As long as your hard, pump/fuck away. Soft??? Too bad, looks like you'll be in bondage for a while.
@Tinker D Geniusly evil !!!
Ha ha ha
Oh yea, make sure you have plenty of lube ( within reach. ).